Getting Started

We’re excited that you’re looking to use BrightDoor Central’s newest feature: SMS text messaging!  There are a few things you’ll need to address before you can utilize this feature.

  • Administrators – Visit the Settings > Text Messaging section to configure your global settings as well as Role Group permissions to select which role groups can message contacts
  • Agents – Review your BrightDoor Profile settings to ensure you provide a mobile number for text reminders
  • Marketers – Create Text Templates for your marketing campaigns and agents
  • Administrators – Review Activity Types that should receive automated text reminders and configure your settings


Text messaging global settings

This administrative panel provides what you need to configure text messaging for your users. It can be found under the Settings section in Center Attributes > Text Messaging.


  1. Along with setting the Enable Text Messaging option to True, your company must agree to the updated Terms & Conditions (contact your BrightDoor Customer Success manager for details). Once we receive the signed Terms update, we will change the Terms Accepted? option to True to fully enable the feature.
  2. BrightDoor has different text messaging plans options. All customers start with the Free plan which includes up to 500 message credits per month (a text message can be 1 or 2 credits depending on character length). Additional plans include Basic (501-5000 credits), Enhanced (5,001-12,000 credits) and Premium (12,001-30,000 credits). If you anticipate sending even larger numbers of text messages per month, contact BrightDoor Sales for Enterprise plan options. To upgrade beyond the Free plan, contact your BrightDoor Customer Success Manager for pricing details and to select your desired plan.
  3. The Text Message Opt-Out field contains the message appended to the end of each outgoing text – allowing contacts to opt-out of receiving future messages. This is required by CAN-SPAM and TCPA laws and must not be altered or changed.
  4. BrightDoor Central will send automated notifications regarding monthly usage, scheduled messages, or error messages to dedicated email addresses listed in the Text Message Admin Notifications field.  If you wish to send these email alerts to more than one address, separate each email address with a comma.
  5. To ensure scheduled text messages are delivered per your time zone, use the Text Messaging Time Zone option to select the time zone for your location.
  6. To check in on monthly usage, the total message credits send against your plan will be displayed here.
  7. Select Save when you’re done with your configuration.

Role group settings

BrightDoor Central allows for two different permission settings.  To update different role groups you will need to edit each group to allow for Text Messaging.

  1.  Open the Role Group you wish to edit.
  2. Scroll and select one or two options:
    1. CanSendTextMessagesToOwnContacts: allows users access to send messages to contacts where they are the Primary or Secondary Agent. (Recommended for Sales Executives)
    2. CanSendMessagesToAllContacts: allows users to send messages to ALL contacts in the database with a valid mobile number. (Recommended for Administrators/Marketers)

Agent profile setup

Agents may need to make profile updates to receive text reminders. Visit your BrightDoor Central Profile by selecting your name from the top right header, and choose My Profile.

If you already had a mobile number in your Primary or Secondary phone fields, we’ve assigned that as your Preferred Text Number. If that’s correct, you’re set and don’t need to do anything else. If you need to add a mobile number and want to assign it to receive text reminders, follow this screen reference and instructions below:


  1. In the Details section, add your mobile number and select Save at bottom left to update your profile. You’ll return to the previous screen.
  2. Return to your profile (again, choose your name from the top right header, then My Profile). Now, in the BD Central Preferences section – select your mobile number from the Preferred Text Number picklist to assign it to receive text reminders. Select Save to finish.


Working with text message templates

You have the option to create and save text templates – available for any of your users to quickly customize for their needs. Text templates are visible to any user with the text message permissions enabled.

  1. Select the Content & Apps section, then the Text Message Templates option.

  1. Select the New Template button


  1. Enter a name for your template in the Name field
  2. Write your text message content in the Message field. The max character length for your message is 280.
  3. If you are including full URLs in the message, use the Shorten URLs button to create short links and save characters.
  4. Select Save to save the template. It will now be available for all text message users.


Setting automated text reminders for activity types

You may now configure specific activity types to include automated text reminders. These are best used for location and time sensitive activities such as appointments, tours, or other meeting types. You must have administrative access in order to enable text reminders.

  1. Select Settings from the main menu. Then select Activity Types from the Center Attributes section.
  2. You can create a new activity type (select the New Type + button) or select the Edit button for an existing activity type.

  1. In the Activity Type editor, when you select the Contact Text Reminders checkbox, a series of additional settings and fields will appear.
  2. The Text Reminders Default will determine if newly created activities of this type will automatically include text reminders – Selected for yes, Select Manually for no.
  3. If you want agents to also receive a text reminder for this activity, set the Enable Agent Text Reminder option to On.
  4. Activity text reminders will be send 24 hours before the event by default. To change this to a different time period, select another option from the Text Reminder Schedule pick list.
  5. Now you will need to enter the text message that your contacts will receive in the Contact Text Message text box. You can include dynamic variables to personalize the message (select the Show Variables text link to copy/paste the variables you wish to use). A good sample message for contacts might be something like: Your tour of {Company_Name} is scheduled for {Activity_Due_Date} at {Activity_Due_Time}. If you have any questions or need to reschedule, please contact us at {Company_Name} as soon as possible.
  6. Now enter the reminder message agents will receive in the Agent Text Message text box. Just like with contact reminders, you can include dynamic variables to personalize the message. A good sample message for agents might be something like: Your upcoming tour with {Contact_Name} is scheduled for {Activity_Due_Date} at {Activity_Due_Time}.
  7. Don’t forget to select Save to finish!

Many of the variables you can use for your text reminders use information from your Company Info settings. If you are an adminstrator, visit Settings > Company Info and ensure all of your company contact information is accurate and up-to-date.


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