BrightDoor is excited to announce it’s newest Kiosk feature: eShare.  Your customers will be able to email themselves information regarding products, floor plans, or amenities right from the Kiosk!  No more printing brochures, tracking down email addresses, or keeping track of which products they were interested in. BrightDoor Central will do all of that.


Here’s how the new feature will work:

As you explore properties, floorplans, and amenities, look for the ‘Save and Email Property’ button within each product.

Selecting this button will enable customers to use the kiosk registration (if they are not already registered)


Contacts will then receive an email with a link to “View Property Details” button (leading to the product share page) and a “Print A Brochure” option.



The product share page is an online summary of the product that includes product details as well as photographs, renderings, or other media saved with the product.  On this page, users will also be able to generate a printed brochure.

A printable brochure is auto generated using the same information details/images from the share page. 

Lastly, an activity will also be entered into the contact record for you to review the products they requested.


Here are the important steps you need to take to make sure your kiosk is ready:


  1. Have your Customer Success Manager update your kiosk JSON configuration to enable this new feature.
  2. Make sure your company information is up to date here:
  3. Make sure your company SMTP settings are updated here:
  4. Make sure you double check the ProductShare Page set up here: 
  5. Make sure you have Print Templates configured in the ProductTypes.  There are two choices: Home and Homesite.This must be done in each ProductType.
  6. Make sure to check the email notification to the customer.  It can be found here: 
  7. Double check your kiosk registration form collects email addresses.
  8. Make sure your post agent registration email is set up and configured. (both the email: and the registration profile: 
  9. Make sure you have the activity type configured for when a product is emailed.
  10. If you require agent assignments, make sure to configure who will receive the assignment.
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