BrightDoor allows third party websites to pass contact data from a form directly into the database.

Below are examples of how to pass custom attributes; meaning attributes specific to the community that are not considered default fields. Examples include: price ranges, comment sections,  time frame to purchase, or interests.

These fields may be select, multi-select, or text fields.

The following BrightDoor web service methods allow sending custom attributes: AddContactRecord, CreateContact, and CreateContact2.

For the custom attributes, you will need to URL encode the string that you pass through the web service. This will depend on the form you develop and the data you wish to send.  Work with the dedicated BrightDoor Account Manager for the names of the fields you wish to send.  The string you create must include exact matches to the database field names (rather than label).

Here’s an example:

  • First construct a standard query string with these two attributes.
  • CustomAttribute1=Value1&CustomAttribute2=Value2
  • Now URL encode this string
  • CustomAttribute1%3DValue1%26CustomAttribute2%3DValue2
  • Then just set custom attributes value to this new string
  • CustomAttribute1%3DValue1%26CustomAttribute2%3DValue2

Another suggestion is to start with the fields on your form:

  • Once filled in, construct the sting to:

Interested in Homes=Yes&Visit date=6/9/2012&Comments = Just testing.

  • Then URL encode the string:


  • If a custom attribute field can accept multiple values, those values should be semicolon-separated and then encoded. Here is an example:



Feel free to contact your BrightDoor Account Manager for more questions.

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