Working with Email to Lead Registration Profiles

With our “Email To Lead” functionality, you have the option to send website registration emails (auto-generated when someone registers on your website) directly to BrightDoor Central, automatically creating a new contact. There are 3 basic steps in getting BrightDoor Central and your web site prepared to use this feature.
Please note that Setup level access to BrightDoor Central is required.

Locate a Website Registration Email
In order for BrightDoor Central to understand how to process and create a contact (lead), you will need to use an existing website registration email as a reference. A website registration email is the auto-generated email notification you receive when someone registers on your website. You will use the contact fields in this email to setup a matching BrightDoor Central registration profile. The registration profile tells BrightDoor Central which contact fields you want to capture as well as any additional contact settings you wish to assign when creating a new contact.

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  • Use a previous website registration email sample for reference.
  • You will need to create a unique BrightDoor Central registration profile for each unique website registration form. You cannot use one profile for all website forms unless they collect the exact same form fields and information

Creating a BrightDoor Central Registration Profile
Once you have a sample website registration email in hand, go into the Setup area of BrightDoor Central and select the “Registration” link under the Center Attributes. Select “New registration profile”.


  • Add Profile Information
    • Enter a Profile Name and brief Description. Copy the Profile Email address (e.g. and save it for later reference. This is the unique email address you will use to forward website registration emails to BrightDoor Central.
    • Enter a profile name and brief description.


  • Configure Global & Required Fields
    • Here you can assign global field options that apply to all inbound leads (e.g. lead source, primary agent). Click the “Add Global Field” link and select a BrightDoor Central Field from the pulldown menu.
    • Assign settings & values to required fields
    • If your BrightDoor Central instance contains any required fields (set by your BrightDoor Central administrator), those will automatically appear in this section. You will need to assign these fields by selecting a value in the Default Settings pulldown menu, or entering a matching Email Field Label from your website registration email. If you don’t capture a value for the required field, you can enter a default value in brackets – e.g. {Ask For Spouse Name} – in the Email Field Label text box.
    • You must assign required fields per your BrightDoor Central configuration


  • Match Email Form Fields to BrightDoor Central Fields
    • In this section, you will enter the fields you wish to capture from your website registration email. Enter the exact Email Field Label from your website registration email and select the corresponding BrightDoor Central Field for each. Use the “Add Contact Field” link to add additional fields to capture.
    • Enter your exact Email Field Label and matching BrightDoor Central Field.


  • Complete Format & Options
    • Website registration emails will include a method of separating (delimiting) between the field label (e.g. First Name) and value (e.g. Tom), you will need to provide your profile with the delimiter is being used in your registration email. Typically, a colon is used between the field and value. However, in some cases, it could be a different delimiter. You will need to provide the delimiter in the Email Field Label Delimiter area.
    • You must enter the field/value delimiter (colon, comma, dash or “newline”)
    • Delimiter options are Colon (“:”), Comma (“,”), Dash (“-”). If there is a line break between your email field label and value, enter “newline” in the Delimiter text box.
    • Finally, if you wish to receive an email notification of a registration failure, please provide a recipient email address (or addresses separated by comma) in the Contact Failure Notifications area.
  • After completed all sections, click Save to create your registration profile.


Including Custom BrightDoor Central Email in your Website Registration Email Recipient List
Now that BrightDoor Central is ready to receive inbound registration emails matching your data and formatting requirements, the final step is to add the custom registration profile email address (generated in Step 2) as a recipient of your website’s post registration email. If you utilize a web management system like WordPress, there should be a control panel tool to include an email address (or addresses) for receiving contact registrations. If your site is managed by a 3rd party, you will likely need to provide them with the registration profile email address to include on your behalf.

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  • Once this is in place, you are ready to receive inbound leads directly from your website form.
  • It’s a good idea to create a few test registrations to ensure all of the desired fields are being captured as you wish.

If you are having issues with your registration profile configuration, please visit our FAQ for assistance.