Getting Started with the Buyer Portal

The Buyer Portal private web portal is a tool to help convert prospects into buyers. The Buyer Portal is an individualized website for your prospects to visit and continue to build their relationship with your community through a wide range of features.

You can send prospects mobile messages through the portal; each time encouraging them to re‐visit the entire community experience. Every time a prospect logs into their portal, BrightDoor Central captures pages viewed and the amount of time spent on each page; relaying it to BrightDoor Central in real time. You can even receive email notifications each time a prospect logs in to their Buyer Portal!

How Does My Prospect Gain Access to the Portal?

  • Each prospect with a valid email address is automatically given access to the portal. The default
  • username is the primary email address and the password will be: brightdoor. You have the ability to change the password in the contact’s record.
  • To visit their portal, they will visit:

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What Are ‘Favorites’?

  • Any Homes or Home Sites that the prospect has selected on their own through the Buyer Portal.
  • Homes or Home Sites that the prospect has viewed and is most interested – this can be assigned as a Favorite through BrightDoor Central CRM.
  • The Sales Representative can also assign Favorites through BrightDoor Central CRM that they feel would be a good match. The prospect can then see their selected Favorites through the portal upon their next login.

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How Do I Add Favorites to the Contact’s Record?

  • Open Contact Record; select Edit Contact Details.
  • Scroll to the Favorites & Interests Section
  • Select Add Product Favorite

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  • A new line will appear. Search for the product by clicking on the red house in Select Product.


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  • Next, a search window will appear; enter product information in the search bar; select search.
  • Find the ‘favorite’ product; select done.

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  • Next, you may designate if the product ‘Has been viewed’ or if the product should be ‘Visible through Private Portal.
  • Repeat steps for adding additional Favorites.
  • Be sure to SAVE the record before leaving the page.

How Do I Know When a Prospect Logs In and What They Have Viewed?

  • To activate an automatic email notification when a prospect logs on, go to ‘My Profile’ (upper right corner of any page) and select the automated email feature. Make sure to click save at the bottom of the page.
  • The next time your prospect logs in, you will receive an automatic email notification, including a link to the prospect’s record.
  • In each client’s record, the Buyer Portal visit log is documented in the BrightApps History; Buyer Portal tab.
  • For a closer look, select View Details.

I Want to Encourage My Prospect to Go Back to Their Portal to Reinforce the Sale. How Do I Do That?

  • Open the contact record.
  • Select Message This Contact (on the right side of the screen).
  • You will be taken straight to the messaging tab.
  • Add your subject and text.
  • Select Send as Portal Message. Then, select Send.
  • The prospect will receive an email notification stating you have sent them a message in their Portal. When a contact responds to your message, the message will appear in the Email Tab in BrightDoor Central CRM.

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What Happens If the Prospect’s Favorite Goes Under Contract or Is Sold?

  • The prospect can receive an email notification that the Home/Home Site is a different status. Consult with your BrightDoor Account Manager to customize this feature.