Using the Inventory Share Page

What is the Inventory Page?

The Inventory page is an automatically generated public web page that includes all media files and details of the inventory in your database.

  • No programming is required; all content and product information is automatically updated
  • Mobile-friendly interface and media gallery
  • Google Maps integration is displayed
  • Listing agent contact information is included
  • New contacts can be generated through Registration fields
  • Built-in social sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus

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10-18-2013 1-59-28 PM

The Inventory Page allow you to display your products through photos and images using the Inventory Page Gallery. This could include:

  • Unlimited images
  • Floor Plans
  • Renderings
  • Interiors
  • Amenities
  • Full-Screen viewing option
  • Mobile-friendly gallery viewer

What Can You Do with the Inventory Page?

Every inventory page has its own unique short URL so it can be shared in quite a few ways. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • To share with a prospect on a one to one basis, just email them the link so they can check out the property online.
  • Link the URL to a QR code to place in signage or other marketing materials that will allow the prospect to check out the product straight from their mobile device in just a snap.
  • Use this URL that is provided for you to post on your Social Media sites to feature a particular listing.
  • You can also Include the link in any email marketing that you send for featured properties.
  • The inventory page already has a registration form built right in, so capture NEW leads by targeting the page from your search engine marketing campaign.


What are the Best Practices for Using Inventory Pages?
  • Make sure your products have plenty of content. This means both details and images. To learn more about managing Product content, click here.
  • Make sure the listings are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Select which attributes you wish to show on the page.
    • Go to Setup –> Products Menu –> Landing Page
    • You will see a list of available attributes, check the boxes for the values you would like displayed, for example, neighborhood, square footage, or listing price.
  • Make sure your Company information is complete.
    • Visit Setup –> Center Attributes –> Company Info
    • This will include your Company Logo, Phone Number, Address, etc.
  • If a specific product is listed by an agent, make sure the ‘Listing Agent’ is assigned to the Product. Also, ensure their contact information is current, this includes undated profile picture. If you would like more information on updating agent information and photos, click here.


If you would like to know more about utilizing Inventory Pages, contact your Account Manager, they will be happy to help!