Tips & Tricks: Taking High-Quality Photos

The “Digital Experience” is producing a more educated home-buyer. Prospects now turn to the world wide web first when beginning their search for a new home. 

  • 90% Walked through a home that they viewed online
  • 76% Drove by and viewed a home they found on the internet
  • 62% Gathered information about the home they purchased from the internet

To keep your product and amenity media up to date and current, it is imperative that real estate professionals have a well-rounded knowledge in the basics of photography.  

Media uploaded to BrightDoor Central will be viewed on your Mobile App, Buyer’s Portal, Mobile Inventory, Sales Presenter, and other applications – such as your Public Wesbite or eMarketing Campaigns.


Equipment Must-Haves


  • Tripod - One of the most common mistakes of the average photo-taker is not holding the camera steady. Using a tripod will allow you to take a steady photo and avoid blurriness. It will also allow you to adjust the camera to your desired height.
  • Wide-Angle Lens - This is helpful in taking photos of large interiors. You will be able to get the entire space in just one picture – instead of taking multiple and piecing them together.


Camera Settings

  • The default settings of your camera are not always the best, sometimes it just takes a little adjustment to take the perfect picture.
  • First, NEVER use the flash. The flash will illuminate the closest objects first and darken the background. Instead play with natural or interior lighting to illuminate a dark space.
  • Learn about Exposure Compensation AKA EV. When natural lighting has become the enemy, adjusting the EV setting delays the shutter speed and analyzes the existing light and balance the illumination of the space.
  • White Balance is a similar setting to Exposure Compensation. We suggest setting your camera to “cloudy”, is just an easy adjustment to warm up your photos.







Tips & Tricks:



  • You have about 30 seconds before losing a prospect’s attention, so you need to showcase your property features in 5-10 images.
    • Absolute musts are images of the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and exterior façade.



  • For undeveloped home sites, be sure to include various view of the area.
    • Including images of amenities, such as club houses or fitness centers, and any other scenic views.
  • Experiment with Height - For small spaces, such as a bathroom, the best shot will most likely be taken at 4 feet. A larger space, like a kitchen, should be taken at about 6-7 feet.




  •  ”Rule of Thirds” - This method of photography segments your image into 9 parts. Interest is best created when the focal point is along one of these lines.




  • To avoid re-taking a photo because of small imperfections, use a photo-editor. Once images are uploaded to your computer, utilize photo editing software to crop, re-size, or adjust lighting of the space.
  • Check out some of these free applications before purchasing a more in-depth product, such as Adobe Photoshop:
    • iPhoto
    • GIMP, GNU Image Manipulations Program
    • PixBuilder Studio


To learn how to upload content to BrightDoor applications, check out these quick step guides: Managing Product Media and Managing Galleries in Sales Presenter and the Mobile App.