CRM: Tips and Tricks for the Sales Executive

Learn how to become more efficient in the workplace by leveraging the technology integrated in the BrightDoor Central CRM application.


Tip #1 DropBox Configuration

  • Capturing email correspondence is a key component in keeping all relevant sales information in your CRM system.
  • The BrightDoor Central Email Dropbox function (regardless of email server type) will sync communication via email back to BrightDoor Central without the hassles of copy/paste.

Tip #2 Contact Smart Search

  • Advanced Search gives you the power to create finely segmented contact filters and lists for your sales and marketing efforts.
  • You can use expanded search criteria options (ex. finding contacts created between date ranges).
  • You can also create a complex search within a search (ex. finding contacts from various locations with the same lead source).
  • Additionally, you can select custom columns to display in search results (such as custom attributes).

Tip #3 Creating and Completing Activities

  • The BrightDoor Central Activities Tab is designed to allow Users to quickly view and complete their daily ‘to-do’ list.
  • This section is designed so that the BrightDoor Central sales user doesn’t even have to leave the page.
  • Documenting activities allows you to reference and recall your interactions with prospects.

Tip #4 Homepage Widgets

  • Widgets provide real time data right on your BrightDoor Central Homepage.
  • We recommend activating the following Widgets to increase productivity:
    • Items for Today
    • Upcoming Tours
    • Support Ticket Submittal
    • BrightDoor Support Twitter Feed
    • Overdue Activities
    • eBlast Activities

Tip #5 Go Mobile 

  • Create a shortcut on your Mobile Phone and Tablet to quickly access BrightDoor Central contacts and upcoming activities.
  • Download the Mobile Inventory App – BrightDoor Pitch.
    • Designed to provide users with real-time access to search and present their real estate products.
    • Use Pitch to showcase online photo galleries while out and about with a client.
  • Download your Organization’s BrightDoor Mobile App (if applicable).

Tip #6 Online KnowledgeBase

  • Quickly find answers to common questions
  • Learn about features you might not be using
  • View Video Tutorials
  • Can be accessed from any HELP link in BrightDoor Central