Tips and Tricks: BrightDoor Pitch

Below are commonly asked questions about the BrightDoor Pitch application. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the BrightDoor Support Team!


“I’ve downloaded the app but says there is a login error when connecting. How do I fix this?”

Please confirm that your BrightDoor Central domain and your BrightDoor Central username and password are correct. If you still receive this error, contact your company BrightDoor Central administrator to ensure your user account is active.

“When attempting to login with accurate credentials, it’s giving me a “Connection Issue” message. How do I correct this?”

This means the Pitch Sync Option is not active for your BrightDoor Central community. Please check with your company BrightDoor Central administrator or BrightDoor Account Manager for details on signing up for this service.


How often does product information (attributes/media) update?”


The application will enforce a new login once every 24 hours and you will receive a fresh update of product information. You may also invoke one manual product update during that 24 hour window by selecting “Update Products Now” from the Settings menu (gear icon at bottom left).

Loading/displaying product media is slow for me. What could be the culprit?”


Like many apps today, BrightDoor Pitch was designed with an “always-on” network in mind. While the app will function over 3G connections, for optimal use, we recommend you connect via wifi. If the display of media is slow, check the speed of your wireless connection.

Why do I see a lot of “No Media” icons instead of product media?”


The app uses product information and media stored in your BrightDoor Central instance. If your products are missing media and relevant product details, you’ll notice those missing ingredients within the app. We encourage you to get with your sales and marketing team and plan to add product media to improve the usefulness of Pitch.


I don’t see some product attributes that I would like to have displayed. How can I do this?

It is possible to show/hide various product attributes within your app. For users that subscribe to the Pitch Sync Option, we will provide a one time configuration of your desired product attribute setup.