Scheduling Reports

The BrightDoor Central reporting engine allows users to generate reports based on any data that is stored within the system. You are also able to schedule and auto-run reports on a one-time or recurring basis. A scheduled report will be emailed to those that you add to your notification list via the Report Scheduler page. 

To get started, click on the Reports button from the Navigation Toolbar.


From the Report list, select the report you wish to schedule.


After you have chosen your date range (choosing a set date range versus a custom date will not expose the date fields), filter criteria and report format, you can schedule your report within the Scheduler menu.

*Note – If you choose “This Week” as your date range, you can choose the week start date as well. For example, if you week starts on a Monday instead of a Sunday, you will be able to specify your preference under the “Week Starts On” menu. 

  • Your Report Name: We will automatically use the BrightDoor Report name as the default name, however, you can setup your own custom report name, such as “Weekly Agent Status Report”.
  • Option: Choose whether this report will be scheduled and email one-time or on a recurring basis.
  • Frequency: If you choose to generate this report on a recurring basis, choose the frequency – Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. If this is a one-time report, skip this field.
  • Day: Choose the day of the week this report will generate.
  • Time: Choose the hour the report will generate. All times are reflected in EST.
  • End Date: This date is the last time the report will auto-generate. You can set this date as far into the future as necessary, though we will default the end date to 1 year from the day you setup the report schedule.
  • Send To: Using a comma to separate each email address, add in the email address for each person that should receive this report. The recipient does not need to be an active user in BrightDoor Central and you have the ability to add in as many recipients as needed.

screenshot 3


Once you have selected all parameters for your scheduled report, select the “Schedule & Preview” button to run the report now and save your schedule. If you do not require a preview of the report, click on the Finish button.


To edit the settings of a scheduled report or disable a report from auto-generating, select “Scheduled Reports” from the Report Actions menu which is located on the right side of the Report page.



Search for your scheduled report by its Name and then hover over the gray arrow icon and select from the options of: Edit, Disable, or Delete.

Note – If you disable a scheduled report, you will be able to re-activate it at a later time. If you delete a scheduled report, you will not be able to recover it.