Managing Role Groups

BrightDoor Central allows administrators to designate access for users within the organization based on their role. For example, a sales manager might have access to all prospects where a sales executive has access to only his/her prospects.  BrightDoor Central has industry standard roles; however, administrators may create roles specific to your community and decide the security level for each role.


  • To create a new Role Group or manage an existing one, click on the Setup tab in the upper right corner of the home page.
  • From the Users & Permissions menu, click on “Role Groups”.


Role Group


  • From this page, you may edit existing role group permissions, add a new role group, or filter users assigned to each role group.



  • Select Edit to change role group settings.RoleGrouPEdit
  • To create a new role group, select New Role Group under Role Group Actions.




  • Next, you will create a name for the role group and designate the permissions associated.
  • Permissions in bold represent implied permissions.  For example, if a user is allowed to Edit Products, he/she must be allowed to View Products.
  • Click “Save” to finish creating the new Role Group.

Note: When a role group has permissions added or removed, users must log out and log back in for the changes to take effect.