Adding a New Product Attribute

BrightDoor Central allows communities to collect data tailored to community inventory.  Use product attributes to create new fields for this data; including data such as specific views, memberships, floor plans, etc. Adding a new attribute is quick and will add flexibility to inventory data.

  •  First, click on the Setup link in the upper right corner of the home page.

Header with Arrow to set up

  • From the Menu Options, click on “Attributes”.




  • On the right side of the Product Attributes page, you will see the “Add Product Attribute” link. Click here to create the new product field.

Add attribute


Below is the “Create Product Attribute” page. A vertical red line indicates a required field.

  • The Data Type field will allow you to choose the format of data entry, such as, multi-select, single select, or free text.
  • If you are creating pre-defined menu options, enter the values into the “Values” text field. Be sure to separate each value with a semicolon – a space is not required.





Here is an example of a newly completed product attribute.