BD Mobile 2.0 App Requirements

Using the App on their mobile devices, your prospects can register, explore your community through maps, galleries, and an interactive game mode, and access details about homes and home sites. Comprehensive searching and filtering features make it a snap for users to zero in on the properties of greatest interest to them. Plus, they can request information about your listings and stay informed through “push” notifications and advertisements that are created right in BrightDoor BrightDoor Central (BrightDoor Central).




What content do you provide for Mobile App?

  • BrightDoor Mobile App provides the user interface and structure for your customers to access community and product information.
  • Your photos, ads, videos and other sales media are the fuel that runs the engine that is the Mobile App.
  • If you are a designer, don’t worry about trying to redesign the user interface – we’ve done that already! We just need you to provide the best marketing and sales media available in the formats outlined later in this article.



Please provide a primary color as a HEX value (e.g. #999999). This color will be used to create your theme.

Optionally, if you wish to customize the name labels on the main menu, use the table below.  Any custom names should relate to the functionality of the section to avoid confusing the user.

When users launch your app, they will first see your “Splash” screen (while the app is loading). Shortly thereafter, they will see the “Sign in” screen which prompts them to sign-in with an existing username/password or create a new account. Once they sign in, the “Home” screen is displayed with ads and content on top.This provides you a golden opportunity to further brand your app. We will need to receive these assets to incorporate into your mobile app. NOTE: Please have your graphic artist use our Photoshop templates for creation of the Sign In and Home Screens for Phone and Mobile.

Splash Screen appears when app is first launched.
Graphical Requirements:1242px W x 2208px H (72dpi) for Phones2048px W x 1536px H (72dpi) for Tablets
The Sign In Screen appears next to let the user sign in or create a new account.
Graphical Requirements:1080px W x 1920px H (72dpi) for Phones2048px W x 1536px H (72dpi) for Tablets
Please use our Photoshop template for optimal design of this screen.


The Home Screen appears after the user signs in or previews the app.

Graphical Requirements:1080px W x 1920px H (72dpi) for Phones2048px W x 1536px H (72dpi) for Tablets

Please use our Photoshop template for optimal design of this screen.


The “App Icon” is displayed on the device for the user to touch to launch your app. It is also used during the app store submission process. Graphical Requirements:1024px W x 1024px H (72dpi)

This is a complete list of all required graphical assets we need to publish your mobile app. All assets areshould be designed at 72 DPI.
Once you have designed all graphical assets, please create a ZIP file called “” (replaced “yourcompany” with your company name) and post to your company
folder on the BrightDoor Box server. Please contact your BrightDoor Account Manager if you have not already been provided with credentials for your Box account.