Managing Mobile In-App Home Ads

For builders, developers, and brokers, generating onsite traffic to their communities and homes is
paramount. To promote and incentivize onsite visitors, the BrightDoor Mobile App leverages both a simple advertising module and location-based service triggers to prompt Mobile App user awareness and a sales response!

There are three types of campaigns:

  • In-App Home ads
  • Beamly Beacon ads
  • Geo-Point ads

The Beamly Beacon and Geo Point campaigns will leverage location-based services for in-app triggers.


In-App Home Ad


This type of ad will be visible to the user from their home screen via a scrolling display.

The “Tell Me More” button will re-direct the user to an external web link or an in-app area, such as a gallery, listing, or a map.

For more ideas on In-App Home Ads, click here.

Beamly Beacon Ad

A micro-location based campaign that targets an external web link or in-app area, such as a gallery, listing, or a map. The location-based trigger is are caused by app detection of an assigned Beamly beacon device.


The Beacon will send a push notification to the mobile app user when they are in close range. 


The Push Notification will re-direct the user to a “Call to Action” within the App.

Geo-Point Ad

Setup a Geo-fence around a specific outdoor location, such as an amenity, historical point, featured property. A geo-point campaign can target an external web link or in-app area, such as a gallery, listing, or a map.

It will function the same way as a Beamly Ad – a push notification will be sent and the user will be re-directed to a “Call to Action”.


Create a New Mobile Ad Campaign

Click on the Apps button from the Navigation bar, then select the Mobile Ads page.


Click on “Create New Ad” from the Mobile Ads Action Menu.


From the Create Mobile Ad page, complete the following fields:



  • Campaign Name – This is title of the Ad.
  • Ad Headline – This will appear at top of the Ad space.
  • Push Notification – If this Ad will be location-based and trigger a push notification, you can add the copy of the notification here.
  • Ad Media – Assign the main Ad image from your BrightDoor Media Library. The image must be 608px x 655px in JPEG or PNG format.
  • Publish State – If this Ad should go live now, select Active from this menu. If you would like to save this Ad for a later release, select Inactive.



The Actions section will allow you to determine the type of Ad: In-App, Beacon, or Geofence.


Setup Geofence


Beamly Beacon


Home Screen



All Mobile Ads will allow you to trigger one “Call to Action”:

  • Product Listing – Direct access to a singular Product under the Listings menu. 


  • Gallery – Redirect to a mobile Video or Image gallery, such as Counter Surface options or local Beaches.


  • External URL – Redirect to another website. This will open a browser window within the Mobile App. The user can close the window of the browser without leaving the app.


  • Show Notification – Jumps to the Notification Inbox for the user to review any push notifications they have received.


  • Specified Map locations  - Direct access to a featured listing on Google Maps with in the Mobile App.


When you are ready to publish the new Mobile Ad, click on “Save and Close” and confirm the prompt to change the status to Active. Once the ad is Active, it will appear on the Mobile App after the next relaunch.