Adding a New Lead Source

Adding and editing Lead Sources is a quick and easy process. A Lead Source can be defined as the origin of a contact or prospect. A Lead Source can be broken down into Parent and Children Types and Sub-types. For example, a “Referral” may be the Parent Lead Source and “Current Resident” is the Child or Sub-Type.


  • To access this section, select Setup in the upper right corner.

Header arrow to Set Up


  • Select Lead Sources in the Center Attributes section of the main set up page.



  •  Use the search bar to look for a specific Lead Source.
  • Pay attention to the Active flag, as you could be searching for a  Lead Source that is not currently active.



  • To Edit, any existing Lead source, select the Edit button on the right side of the screen.
  • If you need to add a new Lead Source, click on the New Lead Source link located in the Actions menu.











      Here is an example of the “Create Lead Source” page.

  • Lead sources are divided into two types; Parent and Child. Parent lead sources are general categories such as Newspaper, Magazine, or Website.
  • Children Activities are the specific lead source such as NY Times, Newsweek,
  • Be sure to click “Save” to add the new record.