What is Sales Presenter?

Sales Presenter is an interactive touchscreen application that gives you the power to showcase your communities and product listings at every sales touch point.  Whether your prospect is exploring your web site, visiting you at a trade show or on tour at your sales center, Sales Presenter generates interest and encourages further discovery.



Unlike other site plan tools that are static and difficult to update,Sales Presenter is easy to manage and captures key sales intelligence. As an integrated visual component of the BrightDoor Enterprise Cloud, all media content is centrally managed. But the true power of Sales Presenter is the ability to profile the prospect – capturing lifestyle, community and product preferences for future sales communications.


Sales Presenter has cost-saving benefits such as on-demand brochure printing and digital storage of “Saved Favorites” in the prospect’s BrightSite personal web portal – reducing the overall dependency on expensive collateral.


Key Features

  • Personalized for each prospect
  • Engaging site plan exploration
  • Community/developer storytelling
  • Captures prospect interests

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