What is Kiosk?

Kiosk is an interactive touchscreen application that allows users to explore your offerings, take online surveys and register for follow-up communications. An integrated component of the BrightDoor Enterprise Cloud, Kiosk lets you deploy a virtual sales team to deliver consistent marketing information and capture new lead opportunities.

Kiosk can be deployed in a wide variety of locations to extend your sales and marketing reach. This includes sales galleries, hotel and resort properties, retail environments, and other venues that cater to your target audience.


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Users can explore community details around amenities, lifestyle, region and more. You manage the media content to convey the most compelling, persuasive story. Behind the scenes, Kiosk delivers all tracking data (clicks, views, duration) for reporting and analytics.  When a prospect registers, a new contact is generated in BrightDoor Central and your sales team is notified for immediate follow-up.


Key Features

  • Template based app with user interface adapted to your brand standards
  • Rich media support (image formats, video, animation)
  • Integrated soft keyboard registration
  • Digital surveying option
  • Navigation designed for ease of use
  • Data driven with user interaction data captured into BrightDoor Central
  • Flexible hardware/kiosk options

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Dynamic, Branded Experience

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