Using Advanced Search with Contacts

Advanced Search gives you the power to create finely segmented contact filters and lists for your sales and marketing efforts. It’s an easy-to-use, visual search builder that makes complex queries simple to execute. 

You can use expanded search criteria options such as ‘equals’, ‘does not equal’, ‘between’, or ‘contains’ (ex. finding contacts created between date ranges). You can also create a complex search (nested query) within a search (ex. finding contacts from various zip codes with the same lead source). 

Additionally, you can select custom columns to display in search results (such as custom attributes).


You can run an Advanced Search within your Contact and Product databases. Below is an example of an Advanced Search of Contacts. Click here to see an example for the Product Search.


  • First, click on the Contact tab in the navigation menu.
  • You will see the red Advanced Search bar to the right of the Search text field.To create a more detailed search/filter, select the Advanced Search button.






Selecting the Advanced Search button will expand the search tab as seen to the left.





  • Select the contact attribute from the drop down menu.
  • The drop down will expose all major contact attributes. Select the primary attribute from the drop down.









  • Once you select criteria, secondary attributes are exposed if related, for example: Any Address -> State.
  • Next, select the operator you wish to use. Operators vary from: is/isn’t; contains/does not contain; equals/does not equal; starts with/ends with. Select the operators corresponding to the data type, then select or type the criteria you wish to add.
  • Select or type the data you are looking for. Your search results are automatically loaded as you add criteria. (Look for the red ‘Loading’ icon.)





  • To add more criteria to the search, select the red “+” (plus symbol) located to the right.
  • Repeat the steps above to select the attributes, for example, you may wish to include an additional zip code in your search.
  • To add a new rule, select the red “…” (three periods). A new rule can add more refined criteria to your search by nesting the query or more flexibility to your results,
    for example, Advanced Search allows you to find contacts with an email address that also could have the lead source Bon Appetite, Southern Living, or Time Magazine.