Using the Home Page

The BrightDoor Central home page is the first screen users see once logged in. This screen allows users to quickly access key features in BrightDoor Central CRM.

Main Navigation

  • The main navigation allows users to promptly move between different sections within BrightDoor Central CRM.
  • This provides a quick way to access functions ranging from product inventory management and BrightApps content management to reporting and activity tracking.


 Quick Links 

There are a set of utility links located in the top right corner of BrightDoor Central.

Header Right


  • What’s New - Shows you the latest features that BrightDoor has added
  • My Profile - Allows you to edit your password, signature, configure Microsoft Exchange Integration, and other contact information
  • Setup – Allows administrators access to a wealth of configuration and management functions
  • Online Help - Provides access to the online BrightDoor Knowledgebase
  • Logout - Ends your BrightDoor Central CRM session


Contact Search


  • In addition, BrightDoor Central CRM includes a Quick Contact Search function to efficiently locate a contact no matter where in the application you might be at the time.
  • Simply enter a name (first name, last name or any combination thereof), press the magnifying glass icon (or press enter on your keyboard) and the search results for that name will immediately appear.






Action Menu

Action Menu

  • The far right side section labeled “Actions”, provides quick links to creating a new Contact, Activity, or Tour.
  • It also allows users to edit their home page by editing Widgets.
  • Lastly, users can quickly access a list of Unassigned Contacts.




Utilizing My Recent Items

  • Each page within BrightDoor Central displays the last 10 pages you visited during your current session or your previous session.
  • Use it to quickly access the record you were just working in or revisit a Setup page.
  • You will see the “My Recent Items” menu throughout the CRM and not just on the home page.



Dashboard Widgets

Widgets provide real time data for information such as prospect activity, quick look at prospect status in sales funnel, snapshot of potential revenue by product type, most popular pages on the mobile app, upcoming tours, and more.


Action Menu with circle



  • Select “Edit Widgets” under Actions on the right hand side of the page to see the list of available Widgets.






Adding, Removing, and Editing Widgets

  • Selecting “Add” next to any widget will add the widget to the home page.
  • “Remove” disables the widget from the home page.



Moving Widgets

Users may add or move widgets to customize their home page.

  • Drag any widget by clicking on the gray header and move the mouse.
  • Release the mouse when the widget is in the new location.


Sizing Widgets

Widgets can be maximized to cover both columns of the page from left to right or minimized to occupy only one column. Widgets can also be expanded in height.

  • To modify the size of the widget, place cursor over icon that appears in the lower right of the widget. Click, hold, and drag the widget until the widget is the desired size.

pic 2

Setting Options

Users also have the ability to set filter criteria for the widgets, some of these include, start and end dates for the data being viewed, choosing activity or contact types and statuses.

  • Click on the gear in the upper right of the widget window to view options and modify filters. Click “Show” and data will be updated based on the selected criteria.

pic 3


Downloading Graphs and Charts

Users can instantly download graphs and charts from the dashboard for colorful visuals for presentations and reporting needs.

Click on the icon with the 3 bars in the upper right corner of the widget.

Select one of following:

    • Print Chart
    • Download PNG image
    • Download JPEG image
    • Download PDF document
    • Download SVG vector image

The file will appear in your Downloads folder.



Adding Customized Widgets




Advanced users may wish to add their own widget such as weather feeds.

  • Click on “Create Custom Widget” under the Actions menu on the right hand side of this page.
  • This feature requires basic knowledge of HTML.








NOTE: Modifying widget permissions is based on permission settings. If you are unable to modify, check with your site administrator for more info. Widgets may also be added to additional role groups.  A “Master Admin” must edit the widget and select which Role Group to add.  

Then choose from the pick list for the new Role Group. Make sure to SAVE your selections.