Getting Started with Activities

The BrightDoor Central Activities Tab is designed to allow Users to quickly view and complete their daily ‘to-do’ list. This section is designed so that the BrightDoor Central sales user doesn’t even have to leave the page. Users may complete activities, change contact statuses, and schedule additional activities.


BrightDoor Central allows users to search and filter quickly and easily using the advanced search options. For example, a Sales Executive could use this tool to find all scheduled phone calls for “A-Prospects” on “January 1, 2010”. Sales executives may also quickly find contacts that have not been communicated with recently.


  • Use the search bar to find an activity using either the prospect name or activity type.
  • To filter the activity list by certain types, select the activity type from the drop down under Activity Type.
  • Use the Status drop down to filter between scheduled/completed activities.
  • To find an activity scheduled on a particular day, use the calendar under Scheduled Date.
  • Sales assistants can also see activities assigned to the sales executive in addition to their own activities by selecting the Include Manager’s Activities option.
  • To find contacts based on a contact date, use the options under Last Completed Activity. Users may decide to search based on time: before or after a certain date, or even for someone who has never had an activity completed. 


Users may complete activities directly in a contact record or from the Activities tab.

To open an activity, select the Notepad Icon next to the chosen activity.

  • The Prospect’s primary contact information will appear in the upper right portion of the activity. To immediately jump to the contact record, select the red contact icon.
  • If the user wishes to change activity type from the one originally scheduled, he/she can change by selecting the correct activity from the drop down list under Activity Type.
  • Enter any notes relevant to the activity in the Activity Notes field.
  • Users may change the prospects status within this screen when desired.
  • To mark the activity complete, select Save and Mark Completed. To make changes to the activity and not mark complete, select Save. Selecting Cancel will not save any information added.
  • BrightDoor Central also allows you to set the next follow up date and activity.



Creating new activities can be initiated from 3 different areas: the Home Page, Activities Page, or directly from a contact’s record. The “Create Activities” page is broken down into two sections: Activity Summary and Activity Details.




  • To create an Activity from the Activities tab, select “New Activity” under the Activities Actions menu on the right side of the page.






Activity Summary

  • Begin by assigning the activity to a contact, choose Select “Contacts”.
  • Once you choose a contact (as demonstrated below), you will be redirected back to this page.
  • Select the Activity Type to match the activity completed.
  • Add notes, where needed.





  • The Contact Search screen will launch. Users may use these filters to quickly look for prospects based on name, contact type, and/or status.
  • Users may also assign multiple contacts the same activity by checking more than one contact.
  • Once the contact(s) has been chosen, select “Done”. 




Activity Details


  • Enter the details of who the activity is assigned to, the date the activity is scheduled, if it is already completed, add the date it was completed.
  • Note: clicking on the calendar will show a calendar that users may select a specific date. If the activity has occurred, make sure to change the status to Completed.
  • Select Save to finish or Cancel to leave the screen (your information will NOT be saved if you select Cancel).