Getting Started with Reporting

The BrightDoor Central reporting engine allows users to generate reports based on any data that is stored within the system. BrightDoor Central populates each client’s system with Industry standard reports. In addition, clients may create custom reports to display client specific data. If you are interested in creating a custom report, contact your Account Manager, he or she will be able to provide you with further details on this process.

Note – This area is permission based and not all reports are available to those users with limited access to BrightDoor Central CRM.


  • Click on the Reports tab located in the Navigation bar.
  • Select the report to run by clicking on the Report Name, if needed, you can search for a particular report in the “Search By Name” field.

Detailed Activity History


  • A new screen will pop up.Select the filters to include in the report. Depending on the report, the filters will change.




  • In this example, users can choose a date range, a specific agent, or activity type.
  • Select the format to display the report:
    • HTML will open the report in a new web browser.
    • PDF will create a printer friendly version.
    • CSV will open the file in a format where the data can be further manipulated (e.g., Microsoft Excel).
  • Select the output format you desire:
  • Select Run Report to view results.
  • The report will open in the selected format.