Getting Started with Products

The BrightDoor Central Products Tab is designed to allow users quick access Products (also known as properties or inventory). From this screen, a user can easily filter, add new, and edit existing Products. Users may also view and filter specific attributes and ownership information.


To learn more about applying filters through the Advanced Search tool, click here.



  • Use the powerful search tool to look for specific products.
  • Users may filter by specific Product Types, Product Statuses, map visibility, and multiple client specific attributes (e.g., lake access).





Hover the mouse over the red arrow to reveal the Actions menu. From here, select from the following options:


  • Edit Attributes: Update information related to the Product, such as, status, price, address, etc.
  • Show Media: Shows a list of all the Product’s media
  • Upload Media: Directs users to the media upload page. For more information regarding media upload, click here.
  • Post to Facebook: Allows users to log in and post the Product Share Page URL to their Facebook newsfeed.
  • Post to Twitter: allows users to login to Twitter and post the Product Share Page URL to their Twitter account.
  • View Share Page: opens the Product Share Page for quick viewing. To learn more about the Share Page, click here






  • Select the Add Product button to create a new product.
  • To import a list of Products, use the Import Products link. For more information about importing Products, click here.
  • Selecting the ”Show All Media” link will display all media in the database.
  • Export this list will send users a csv file with all product information.




  • From the Navigation bar, click on “Products”, then from the Actions Menu, click on “Add Product”.
  • The Property Info tab will display value fields related to the actual property, amenity or floor plan.
  • Be sure to complete the required fields that are designated with the red vertical bar.
  • The Product Name will be displayed on Product Share Pages, Maps, and other BrightDoor Apps. The Product Type refers to entry’s category, such as homesite, lot, floor plan, home, condo, etc.
  • The Product Status is the availability of the entry. For example, available, closed, pending, etc.


Here is an example of the Product creation page displaying standard and custom attributes. If you would like to learn more about creating your own attributes, click here.



  • The Sales Info and Sales Features tabs will display internal and public information that you would like to document, such as the Listing Price, Sales Agent, MLS number, and List Date.
  • Don’t forget that you can add custom fields to this page to customize this feature for your individual needs.



  • The Owners tab will allow you to track the history of this property’s ownership.
  • To assign an owner to a Product, the owner must be added into BrightDoor Central CRM as a Contact. If you would like more information on adding Contacts, click here.



  • The Showings tab will display past Tour Activities and the prospect’s rating of the property. To learn more about creating a new Tour, click here.


  • The History tab documents changes in the listing price of the property, sales history, and also the assigned sales agents.
  •  When creating or modifying a Product, be sure to click on the Save button to save your changes.