Sending and Retrieving Messages

The BrightDoor Central Email tab allows users to send messages to their Buyer Portal portal. To access the Messaging Tab, select Messaging from the main navigation menu.

Users may search through messages based on subject, from, to, and/or dates.





  • To write a new message, click on the “Compose Message” link located in the Message Action menu on the right side of the page.




 Below is an example of the “Create Message” screen. To get started, follow the steps listed below.

  • Select the contact icon to search for a contact. A search screen will open. - Search for a contact by name or status. Select the contact to email by selecting the box. Select Done. You may also select from any of your filters or lists.
  • Select contacts and groups to email from the Group menu. You can choose as many as you need.
  • Enter a subject and compose your message.
  • Add file attachments from your hard drive using the “Browse” button.
  • Choose to send as an email message, as a Private Portal message, and/or to send a copy to your email address.
  • Select Send to send message or Cancel if no message should be sent.