Getting Started with eBlast Campaigns

In partnership with Vertical Response, BrightDoor Central integrates a robust email marketing solution. The eBlast area is where you develop and launch your campaigns. To watch the webinar on how to use this feature, click here.

Users may now leverage all of Vertical Response’s Email building tools but still manage their lists within BrightDoor Central.

  • For a review of creating lists click here.

Prior to creating new campaigns in Vertical Response, users should first send their lists to the VR Portal.

  • First, go to the eBlast tab in BrightDoor Central CRM.
  • Click the Send BrightDoor Central Lists link located in the Managing Contacts & Lists section.
  • Users are taken to a new screen and shown lists saved in the database (see tab for screen shot).





  • To send a list to the VR Portal, select the “Send BrightDoor Central Lists” link.



  • If the button is greyed out, the list is already in VR and does not need to be resent, only new lists or updated lists are available to send to the VR portal.
  • Users may also View and Delete their lists within this page.





  • Once logged into the portal, lists will be available to add to a campaign for sending.
  • Clicking the links in the BrightDoor Central@VerticalResponse Portal section will launch your session to Vertical Response.

10-2-2013 3-15-44 PM



  • When you are ready to send your campaign, click on the “Emails” button.




  • You will then be able to build a campaign using the easy email builder.

10-2-2013 3-16-37 PM


For more detailed instructions on creating an email from here, please view this helpful tutorial page offered by Vertical Response.

You will also find many tutorials for utilizing the various tools offered by Vertical Response by clicking here.


Once your campaign has been sent, BrightDoor Central will automatically create activities in each person’s profile.  As recipients open, click, unsubscribe, etc., BrightDoor Central will automatically update the activities.