Getting Started with BrightDoor Pitch

Showcase your residential offerings with Pitch from BrightDoor. Designed to provide users with real-time access to search and present their real estate products, BrightDoor Pitch is perfect for on the-go real estate professionals.


Getting Started

  • Download BrightDoor Pitch from the App Store.
  • At first launch, enter in your BrightDoor Central subdomain (custom URL name before the “” portion) as well as your BrightDoor Central username and password
  • After a brief product sync, you’re ready to go!

The Basics of Pitch
We’ve designed the app to be really easy to use. After logging in, here are a few tips on taking advantage of app’s strengths.


Introducing BrightDoor Pitch - Image 1


Search & Filtering

Touching the magnifying glass button (top left) invokes the search menu. You can touch any of the attributes to fine tune the search criteria based on interests. Then, touch the search button (top right of pop-up window) to invoke the search. At any time, you can touch the magnifying glass button to refine or reset the search.

Introducing BrightDoor Pitch - Image 2


Sorting is simple. Touch the sort button to the left of the Product label in the list view. There are a set of options to sort low-high or high-low for various attributes. Just touch the desired option and the list view will resort accordingly.

Introducing BrightDoor Pitch - Image 3

Media Viewing

To jump into a product media gallery, touch the thumbnail image in the product details pane or the eye button at the top right corner. This will allow you to display media full screen. You can slide your finger across the screen to move forward and back. Or you can use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Introducing BrightDoor Pitch - Image 4

Emailing Photo(s)

While in the full screen media viewer, you can touch the email button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Select email from the pop-up menu and your iPad will open a new email message with the attachment. Advanced Tip: You can touch the “Cc:/Bcc” area of the email message to expand your options where you can select an image size to email.

Introducing BrightDoor Pitch - Image 5

If you wish to email multiple photos to a prospect, select the save button from the pop-up menu to store in your local Photos app on the device. From there, you can select a range of photos to email to a prospect all at once.


Touching the gear button at the bottom left will invoke the Settings menu. Here you can log out of the app or invoke the once daily manual product update.

Introducing BrightDoor Pitch - Image 6

Viewing Modes

BrightDoor Pitch will work in either landscape or portait mode on your iPad. Simply rotate the device to your desired orientation and the app will resize accordingly. Please note that the list view and search options are under the home button at top left when you are holding the device in portrait mode.

Introducing BrightDoor Pitch - Image 7