Can I Add Video to My Mobile App Media Gallery?

Of course, you can!

However, there are certain file requirements you must follow to successfully upload a video file to the Gallery of your Mobile App. To learn how to upload images and video to your Mobile App Gallery, click here.

Video File Requirements: 

HD Video

• MP4 file format (H.264 video encoding, AAC audio encoding)
• Size options – 960×540 or 720×404
• Frame rate – 29.97 or 23.976
• Video bitrate encoding – VBR, 2 pass
• Video target bitrate – 1.2 (max 1.5)
• Audio sample rate – 48000 Hz
• Audio bitrate – 96kbps

SD Video

• MP4 file format (H.264 video encoding, AAC audio encoding)
• HD video – 640×480
• Frame rate – 29.97 or 23.976
• Video bitrate encoding – VBR, 2 pass
• Video target bitrate – 1.2 (max 1.5)
• Audio sample rate – 48000 Hz
• Audio bitrate – 96kbps

How do I add a list of “suspect” contacts to BrightDoor Central?

Did you inherit a list of records you have no idea what to do with? Are you planning to send a direct mailing campaign to a list of leads you were given, but you really don’t know their true interest?

It is important to document EVERYTHING in BrightDoor Central, including “suspect” leads. You never know when a stranger can become a buyer.

To track a contact from “suspect” to owner, here is what we recommend:

  • Upload a list or individual record(s) into BrightDoor Central as a certain Contact Status that varies from your typcial Prospect Statuses, such as “Suspect” or “Contact” instead of “A Prospect” or “Warm Prospect”. This will allow you to change their status as you gauge their interest. To learn how to create a new Contact Status, click here.
  • Create a Lead Source specific to where the lead came from, such as “Previous Community”, “Broker Referral List”, etc. By adding a unique Lead Source, you will know where this Lead came from even if their Contact Status changes. To learn how to add a new Lead Source, click here.
  • Create a “flag” through a custom Contact Attribute. By creating an additional flag, in BrightDoor Central, you will easily be able to pull up a list of contacts without too much searching. Some helpful attributes to use would be “Add to Direct Mailing List? – Yes or No” or “Obtained through List? – Yes or No”. To learn how to create a custom attribute, click here.



What is a “Sticky Widget” ?


A Sticky Widget allows you to setup unique parameters to the widgets on your BrightDoor BrightDoor Central home page which will remain fixed until you change them. No matter how many times you log out and back in, your widget will stick to the settings you have saved.

BrightDoor BrightDoor Central also offers the option to duplicate a widget, so you can have as many widgets on your home page as you need.

Here are some of our suggested uses for Duplicate Widgets:


Sales Funnel (All Agents) vs. Sales Funnel (My Leads Only)

Sales Funnel

Most Active Prospects (All Agents) vs. Most Active Prospects (My Leads Only)

Active Prospects

Mobile App Activity (Prospects) vs. Mobile App Activity (Owners)

2014-11-17_15-10-27 - Copy




  • To modify, add, remove, or duplicate a widget, just click on Edit Widgets from the home page Actions Menu.

Actions Main


  • Then choose to add, remove, edit, or duplicate the widget from the sub-menu.



  • When duplicating widgets, be sure to change the “Title”, which will change the header of the widget.

Edit Page

Sales Funnel11


  • Lastly, click “Save” to update your changes.


To learn more about the home page widgets and how to manage them, click here.

Can I Export Scheduled/Completed Activities from BrightBase?

The first step to exporting agent activities, is to ensure the Activity Permission is activated for that particular user role.

  • Once this permission is active, log out and then back into BrightDoor Central to see the update for that user role.


  • Click on the “Activities” tab. Select your criteria for the activities you would like to export.







  • Select “Export Activities” from the Action Menu on the right-side of your screen.
  • This list of activities will be emailed to you via a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. 


Can I Manually Enter the Completion Date of An Activity?

Clicking “Save and Mark Complete” on the Activity page will mark the task as completed at the current date and time. If needed, there are two ways to backdate a scheduled activity.

On the Activity Details page, the completed date can be manually entered and the activity will be time stamped accordingly.













If completing an already scheduled activity, click on the “Options Fields: Show” link,. The section will expand and a date field will appear that allows you to backdate the activity. Click on the calendar icon to select your desired date.


Select “Save and Mark Complete” to update the activity entry.

What fields are included in Mail Merge?

To ensure the template you upload in BrightDoor Central is compatible with the Mail Merge feature, here is a list of fields that are included in Mail Merge:




If you are having issues with import the contact’s information into the mail merge fields, copy and paste the values into a Notepad document and then re-copy and paste the values into the original Word file. This will strip any extraneous characters from the text. Also, be sure the Word file is saved as: Word 2003 XML.

Can I Sync Leads from My Public Website Directly into BrightBase?

BrightDoor offers access to an API that lets you send leads directly into BrightDoor Central. Select users will be notified via email when a new contact registers and it will be waiting for you as a Contact in BrightDoor Central. If you would like more information on how to begin this process, contact your Account Manager.

How Do I Search for a Contact Using a Partial Email Address?

Users can utilize Advanced Search on the Contacts page to find a contact using a partial or complete email address.

  • To get started, go to the Contacts tab in BrightDoor Central and click the red Advanced Search bar located at the bottom right of the search area.
  • In the first selection box within Advanced Search, click the drop down selection arrow and then hover over “Email Address” and click on “Any Email Address”.
  • Select “Contains” in the next box and then type in the email address or a portion of the email address in the third box.
  • Your results will then be displayed in the results section below.

10-10-2013 11-16-32 AM


Finding Contacts Created within a Date Range

It’s easy to find all the contacts created between a date range, on a certain date, before a certain date, or after a certain date. 

  • Go to the Contacts Tab and open Advanced Search by clicking on the red bar to the right of the search text field.
  • Select “Contact Information” then “Create Date”.
  • Next, select the operator – for example, if you are looking for a date range, select ‘between’.
  • Lastly, enter the dates in the two fields provided.

10-10-2013 11-21-55 AM

Why Do I Receive a “Duplicate Warning” When Adding a New Contact?

When creating a new contact, if the first and last name match another contact in the database, BrightDoor Central will warn you of other potential duplicates.

  • The warning highlights:
    • Basic Information – City, State, and Communication Method
    • Sales Agent
    • Create Date
  • BrightDoor Central will not stop users from creating the record, but will send a follow up email as a precaution.

10-10-2013 11-40-40 AM

Using Social Media to Promote Inventory

In BrightDoor Central CRM, you now have the ability to post products to Facebook and Twitter as well as share a link for a product viewing page.

  • On the product tab, find the product you wish to share.
  • Hover with your mouse over the red circle with the white arrow under Actions and select either, Post to Facebook, Post to Twitter or View Share Page.
  • Posting to Facebook and Twitter requires that you have an active account and be logged in.

Viewing the Share Page allows you to copy and paste the URL (Web Address) of that page and share with others. You can use this in individual emails, eBlasts, or online advertising.

10-10-2013 10-47-19 AM

Is It Possible to Sync Leads from My Website into BrightBase?

BrightDoor offers access to an API that lets you send leads directly into BrightDoor Central. 

Select users will be notified via email when a new contact registers and it will be waiting for you in BrightDoor Central.  No data entry and quicker response to your prospects.

For more information, contact your Account Manager.


Scheduling a Tour Showing with Property Association

BrightDoor Central allows you to associate multiple property showings within a single activity.  Group each property shown to accurately track feedback, customers’ ratings, and store the details in both the contact and property record.

  • In a contact record, create a new activity.
  • Select the corresponding Activity Type that has been flagged as a Tour Showing.
  • Once this type has been selected, users will be able to search for the corresponding property by selecting the Add Product button.

10-10-2013 10-54-24 AM

  • After selecting Add Product, a new window will appear where users can search for the corresponding property.
  • Next, enter in any specific property notes, the prospects rating, and time of the tour.

10-10-2013 10-56-28 AM

  • Be sure to change the status to Completed if the tour has already occurred.  If the tour occurred prior to the current day, use the “Completed On”  field to adjust when the tour occurred.
  • Notes will also automatically appear in the corresponding property in the Showings tab.


Why Do I Receive the “Oops” Error When Trying to Import a File?

If you receive the “Oops” error when trying to import a file, you will want to review your spreadsheet for some of the common errors listed below.

  • Remember you must select a Lookup Property, regardless of if you are updating records or importing new.
  • Make sure your file type is CSV of Excel 97-2003.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct Excel Sheet Name on step 1 of the import tool. This field is case sensitive.
  • When assigning agents to contacts, you must use their username (email address), NOT their full name.
  • Remove any special characters in the First and Last Name fields. Examples include &, *, $
  • Make sure you do not have blank columns within your spreadsheet.
  • Update any blank cells in required fields such as name or contact type and status.
  • Verify that email address are valid and in the correct format.
  • Make sure that any columns with data for select fields contain the EXACT text that exists in BrightDoor Central. Ex: Column = View Preference, Mountain View is a selection available in BrightDoor Central. Entries such as mountain view, mt. view, Mountain view will not work as they are not an exact match to Mountain View.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to copy all contents of the spreadsheet to a new file, using Past Special and only pasting hte values. This discards any odd formatting that may exist in your Excel file.  You  may also save the sheet as a CSV file to strip out all formatting.

Still receiving the “Oops” error? Contact your BrightDoor Account Manager or click here to ask BrightDoor Support.

Changing a Contact’s Icon to a Photo

Instead of displaying the default red and gray contact icon, you can upload a unique image or photo for each individual.

  • When viewing the contact’s record, click on the “Documents” tab under Contact Interactions.
  • Click “Add Document” to upload a new file.
  • Once the image appears in the Documents section, click Edit.
  • Then select the check box next to “contact default image” and then click Save.

10-10-2013 11-51-13 AM

  • Now, when you view that contact, their picture will take the place of the red and gray standard contact icon. Note – that it may be necessary to refresh the page after initially assigning the picture as the default image.

10-10-2013 11-52-58 AM


Can I Make a Custom Attribute a Required Field?

If you have a custom attribute that you need filled in for all contacts, you can flag it as required.

  • When setting up the attribute, activate the flag by selecting the Required box.

10-10-2013 9-04-27 AM







For more information about creating custom attributes, click here.


Associating a Broker or other Referral to a Contact

BrightDoor Central allows users to keep Broker associations with a contact. For example, if Susan Broker brings a Prospect into the community, BrightDoor Central lets users keep her name with the Prospect record. This helps keep track of commissions and general brokerage relationships. Users can also link other contacts as referrals to contacts.

  • Adding a broker/contact association is done in the contact edit form in the Sales and Lead Information section.
  • A broker must be entered as a contact in BrightDoor Central. Most clients will create the Contact Type of “Broker” or “Listing Agent”. To learn how to create a new status, click here.
  • In the “Referred By” or “Broker” fields of the contact form, click on the red contact icon to search for the referral.

10-10-2013 8-29-16 AM

  • A new window will pop up. Search for the contact to be added to as the referral or broker. Select the contact for association and select Done.
  • Once Done is selected, users will see the name in the contact record.
  • To remove the association, click on the name and confirm the request.


10-10-2013 8-30-45 AM





Once the association is added, the Referral/Broker will appear under the main contact’s name for easy reference.






Changing Email Synchronization for an Individual Contact

When using BrightSync, you may find that you want to not sync emails with individual contacts or always sync emails despite other settings based on synchronization based on Contact status. In BrightDoor Central, you can change the email synchronization status for an individual contact.

  • Go to the Edit screen for the contact you wish to un-sync.
  • You will find a drop down menu under the BrightSync heading in which you can select either Synchronize based on contact status, Never synchronize, or Always synchronize.
  • Select the option that is appropriate for your situation.
  • Make sure to save the contact record by using the floating save or the save button at the bottom of the page.

10-10-2013 11-30-30 AM

Click here for more information on BrightSync.

Printing a Contact’s Record

BrightDoor Central allows for the printing a contact’s record in full or summary form, without printing off the entire browser view.

  • When viewing a contact record, click on either Print Contact Full or Print Contact Summary on right side of the screen under Contact Actions.

10-10-2013 11-33-21 AM

  • You will then download a PDF file of the contact information.
  • The “Print Contact Summary” is a one page document with the customer’s basic information, such as name, address and status.
  • The “Print Contact Full”Full includes detailed information such as status history, agent history and notes. It will likely be multiple pages.

10-10-2013 11-33-57 AM

For more information on working with Contacts within BrightDoor Central, please click here.

Editing Columns in Contact Search Results

Users can manipulate the contact search results on the Contact tab in BrightDoor Central by editing which columns to view.

  • To edit the columns, users simply click on “Edit Columns” located to the bottom left of the main search section on the Contact tab in BrightDoor Central.

10-10-2013 11-06-42 AM

  • A new window will appear with a list of columns available.
  • Simply check or uncheck to select those you wish to view in your search results. Your selections will display as additional columns until you log out of your current session in BrightDoor Central.
  • Be sure to click “Save Selection” at the bottom when you are done selecting the columns. Note – this is not the same as selecting columns for exporting.

10-10-2013 11-08-34 AM

Re-Sorting Lists in BrightBase

Throughout BrightDoor Central CRM, Search Results and Lists have varying sort options. 

  • Click on any header on a page and automatically group/sort the results.
  • For example, selecting the Name header will sort the results from A – Z.  Click it again, and sort the results from Z – A.
  • The create date will sort by newest to oldest, allowing you to quickly find the most recently added among your results.

10-10-2013 11-11-29 AM


Why Doesn’t Anything Happen When I Click on “Email this Contact”?

If the “Email This Contact” link in BrightDoor Central does not work for you in Firefox, you may need to adjust your browser profile.

Open your Firefox profile folder:

  • At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button, go over to the Help menu (on Windows XP, click on the Help menu) and select Troubleshooting Information. The Troubleshooting Information tab will open.
  • Under the Application Basics section, click on Show Folder. A window with your profile files will open.
  • Now close Firefox, and in the profile folder rename mimeTypes.rdf to mimeTypes.rdf.old

When you re-start Firefox the applications list will be reset to the defaults and should include mailto which will allow you to click on email links to automatically create an email with your default email client.