Why Do I Receive the “Oops” Error When Trying to Import a File?

If you receive the “Oops” error when trying to import a file, you will want to review your spreadsheet for some of the common errors listed below.

  • Remember you must select a Lookup Property, regardless of if you are updating records or importing new.
  • Make sure your file type is CSV of Excel 97-2003.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct Excel Sheet Name on step 1 of the import tool. This field is case sensitive.
  • When assigning agents to contacts, you must use their username (email address), NOT their full name.
  • Remove any special characters in the First and Last Name fields. Examples include &, *, $
  • Make sure you do not have blank columns within your spreadsheet.
  • Update any blank cells in required fields such as name or contact type and status.
  • Verify that email address are valid and in the correct format.
  • Make sure that any columns with data for select fields contain the EXACT text that exists in BrightDoor Central. Ex: Column = View Preference, Mountain View is a selection available in BrightDoor Central. Entries such as mountain view, mt. view, Mountain view will not work as they are not an exact match to Mountain View.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to copy all contents of the spreadsheet to a new file, using Past Special and only pasting hte values. This discards any odd formatting that may exist in your Excel file.  You  may also save the sheet as a CSV file to strip out all formatting.

Still receiving the “Oops” error? Contact your BrightDoor Account Manager or click here to ask BrightDoor Support.