Troubleshooting Tips for Importing Contacts


  • To add an agent assignment, add the username as identification (ex., do not use their First and Last Names as these are not always unique per agent.
  • Use the importer to add/change information for groups of people – Use the Lookup Property to define which contacts should be updated. For example, use this to reassign contacts to different agents or use the importer to add a new custom attribute to a group of people.
  • The easiest lookup value is the BrightDoor Central ID; which is included in every export.
  • Do not forget required fields. This includes default required fields, but also Custom Attributes. Keep in mind if a required field has been added or changed since the last import. If you are using the importer to update records, those records that do not contain the required field will be skipped.
  • If importing custom attributes with selection options, values in the spreadsheet must match the attribute definition values exactly.
  • The duplicate checker is looking for exact matches. If either an existing record or new record is missing information, the potential duplicate will not get flagged; e.g email address.
  • Large imports may take several hours to complete. To verify contacts are importing, search for them in the interface.
  • To add values for a multi-select field, keep them in the same cell and separate by a semi-colon. (for example: Swimming;Golf;Tennis) Do not use a space between values.
  • If you receive an error regarding the sheet name, remember, you must fill in the sheet name to match the sheet name in your file exactly. By default, most are Sheet1, however, it could be different especially in a purchased list.