Enabling Push Notifications

In BrightDoor Central CRM, notifications can automatically generate when properties change in status or change in price. Once sent, these Notifications will appear on either your company’s Mobile App or in an email. Please note that the Push Notification feature will need to be activated by BrightDoor, for more information, please contact your Account Manager.

There are pre-defined and custom notifications available. Notifications can be sent via the Mobile App or through Email. Note - When email notifications are sent, only those prospects that have the property listed as a “Favorite” will receive the message, App push notifications will be sent to all prospects who have activated the notifications within the downloaded app.


  • Once the Push Notifications have been turned on in your account, you will access the notification section by clicking on the “Updates” link in the upper right corner of the home page.


When you are redirected to the “Updates” page, you will see a list of generated notifications from BrightDoor.

Notice the “Status” column. You will see one of two messages here:

  • “Waiting to Send”
  • “Push Sent ‘Date and Time’ “

BrightDoor will automatically generate notifications – when a listing price or product status changes, but the messages will not push to the prospect’s app until the “Send Message” link from the Actions menu has been clicked. This is fail-safe logic to ensure that a prospect is not notified of a change in status or price as a result of incorrect data entry or typo. For instance, a home site’s price is accidentally changed from $550,000 to $25,000.






  • To modify or send a notification, hover or the red icon of the Actions Menu to display more options.













  • If you would like to create your own notification, click on the “Create New Update” link under the Updates Action Menu.
  • Custom updates are not tied to a product, therefore, the message will only send to the app.
  • Some common examples of a custom notification include:
    • Event Announcements or Reminders
    • Menu additions at the clubhouse restaurant
    • Registration links for upcoming events




  • Here, you can enter a Subject and Message. Note – Push Notifications will only display first 140 characters of message body, so try to keep the notification text short and to the point. 


  • Once you click “Save”, you will be able to specify where the message will send.
  • Activate the check box for Push and/or Email and click “Send”.
  • Remember that once “Send” is selected, the notification cannot be cancelled.


You will also be able to search through all existing Notifications by using the live search feature at the top of the page. You can search by:


  • Message Text
  • Create Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Update Type