Adding a New Action Plan

Action Plans can automatically create scheduled activities for easy reminders to contact prospects. Creating Action Plans is a role based permission and is associated with the Setup area. Action Plans are generated based off a contact changing Type and/or Status within BrightDoor Central.


  • To get started, go to “Setup” in the upper right corner of BrightDoor Central.

Header with Arrow to set up


  • Then under the Center Attribute menu, select Action Plans.


Arrow to Action Plans


  • From the Action Plan Actions menu, click on “Create Action Plan”.


Circle create action plan


Using the screenshot below for reference, follow the instructions to create your Action Plan.

  • Plan Name – Give your Action Plan a name. For example, if you are creating an Action Plan for prospects that are graded to an A Prospect, you might name it, “A Prospect Action Plan”.
  • Entry Condition – What will trigger this plan to start? In our example, it would be Prospect Graded. See FAQ below for more information about Entry Conditions.
  • Entry Type – Select the Contact Type and Status that you wish to associate to this Action Plan. Any contact that is graded to this Type/Status will be put on this Action Plan going forward.
  • Exit Condition – What will trigger this Action Plan to stop? In our example, it would be “Prospect Graded”. This means that if they are moved to another Type/Status, they will no longer be on this Action Plan.
  • Active – Leave this checked to make the plan active.
  • Select Save.
  • Once the initial fields are selected and saved, you can add the activities that should occur. Just click “Add Activity”.



Below is an example of the “Create Activity” page. Follow the steps listed below to complete your Action Plan.


  • Name -  Give the activity a name. Our example is “Follow Up”.
  • Activity Type – Select the Activity Type. Examples could include: Phone Call, E-mail, Mail Out, etc.
  • Is Start Up – Should this activity be the first activity in the action plan? If yes, select this flag (this is common to select).
  • Schedule – Choose if this activity should be scheduled for now, or for a time in the future. Our example is opting to schedule the activity in 5 days. This means, that when a contact is graded an A Propsect, the activity “Follow Up” will be scheduled 5 days later.
  • Repeat – Decide if the activity should repeat once it is completed. This means that when the first “Follow Up” is marked completed, another activity will be scheduled. Our example selects repetition every 15 days.
  • Active – Leave this checked to make the activity active.
  • When Action Plan Cancelled – Decide what should happen if the contact is no longer part of this action plan, meaning they were graded to another Status/Grade.
  • Click Save to save your work and continue.


You will be taken back to the Action Plan detail screen, where you can choose to add another Activity or just save your work by clicking save.  BrightDoor recommends using one repeating activity in an action plan.  For more complex action plans, contact your Account Manager.

Tips & Tricks:

  • When creating Action Plans based on Contact Status, you will need to create two for each Contact Status. You will want one for if they are originally created with that Status and one for if they are regraded to that status. (Regraded to a status means that they were previously another type or status within BrightDoor Central.)
  • You can create as many activities as you would like per Action Plan, but keep in mind that they are auto-generated and may be overwhelming for your sales team.
  • Entry conditions most commonly used are Prospect Graded (this is the first status/grade associated with a contact) and Prospect Previously Graded (when a contact goes from one status/grade to another).
  • Using Initial Contact type as an action plan trigger, requires the contact to have a status of UG Prospect.  These action plans are ideal for working with contacts before their buying potential is understood.