Creating a Questionnaire

BrightDoor Central CRM integrates content management throughout the system. The BrightDoor Apps area provides a collection of management features designed to make the job of updating content painless.

Questionnaires (also referred to as Surveys or BrightMatch) are used to gather specific information from a prospect, such as, amenity preferences, desired price range, etc. This information is helpful when matching the prospect to a product. Questionnaires will appear in Sales Presenter and the Buyer Portal. Follow the steps below to create a new questionnaire. 

  • To access the Control Panel, click on “Apps” from the Navigation bar.



  • Here is a look at the BrightDoor Apps Control Panel – to get started, click on “Questionnaires”.








  • To create a new survey, click on “Add Survey”.








Here is an example of the “Create Survey” page.

  • Title the Survey. This will only be visible in BrightDoor Central.
  • Choose where this survey will be taken – the Buyer Portal and/or Sales Presenter. You can also have the prospect take a specific survey at the end of their tour as well.
  • To add a personalized background image to the survey, upload a file by clicking on “Add Survey Background Image”.
  • Then click “Save”. You will add questions on the next page.




  • After clicking on “Save”, select the “Edit” button next to the Questionnaire that you need to add questions.
  • Just click on the “Add New Question” button.




  • From the “Create Question” page, enter the text or your question.
  • Choose the question type – Select or Text
  • If you choose the Select option, you can activate the option to allow for multiple answers.
  • Change the background picture for this particular question by clicking on “Choose File”.
  • When creating a question with predefined answers, enter the answer text in the “Answers” field. Separate each value with a semicolon and no space.
  • Click on the “Save” button to create the question.
  • Create as many questions needed by clicking on the “Add New Question” button on the “Edit Survey Page”.