Creating a New Screensaver Message

BrightDoor Central CRM integrates content management throughout the system. The BrightDoor Apps area provides a collection of management features designed to make the job of updating content painless.

The screensaver mode (also referred to as BrightView) displays still imagery and video content when Sales Presenter is not in use. Once the initial setup is complete,
users can control the setup of playlists for the screensaver within BrightDoor Central CRM. Users can display custom message that will scroll across the screensaver as it plays. To create a new message, follow the directions below. 

To learn how to upload images to a screensaver, click here.


  • To access the Control Panel and click on “Apps” from the Navigation bar.



  • Here is a look at the BrightDoor Apps Control Panel – to get started, click on “Screensaver Messages”.








  • To add a new message, click on “Add Screensaver Message”.







Here is an example of the “Create BrightView Message” page.

  • First, enter the date range that the message will be active. This is useful when posting messages to wish a happy holiday or advertise events or feature that change frequently.
  • Enter the text that you would like displayed in the “Message” field.
  • Select “Save” to create your message.