Adding a New Contact Type and Status

BrightDoor Central allows users to create multiple contact types. This allows users to differentiate between potential buyers and other contacts in the database. For example, common designations include prospects and brokers. Each Contact Type may also have unique statuses. Additionally, contact types may have lead sources, action plans, and initial contact types designated.


  • To create a new Contact Status, click on the Setup tab in the upper right corner of the home page.

Header arrow to Set Up


  • From the Contacts menu, click on “Types & Statuses”.
  • From the Actions menu on the right side of the screen, select “Add Contact Type”.




Here is the “Create Contact Type” page. It is divided into 4 sections.


  • Label will appear in the dropdowns.
  • “Sort Order” changes the order contact types appear in drop downs.



Contact Type Properties:

  • Treat As Prospect allows contact type to have action plans.
  • If the contact type should have action plans associated, “Check Invoke Action Plan”. Note: you must set up an action plan.
  • “Show in Search Results” indicates if this contact type should automatically display in search results. It is recommended to select this attribute.



Edit Contact Properties: 

  • “Show Lead Source” adds the Lead Source Field.
  • “Show Referral” allows users to note an existing contact as a referral for this contact type.
  • “Show Communication Method” provides users the ability to indicate a preferred communication method.
  • “Show Initial Contact Method” provides users an indication of initial contact type.



Contact Statuses:  

  •  To add a new status, select “Create First Status”; found at the bottom of the list. An empty field will appear. Type in the new status. Select Save.


  • If you need to change the order of how the Contact Statuses are displayed in a drop down menu, click and drag the red arrow icons. You can also deactivate any outdated statuses from here as well.
  • Contact Status names must be unique. Duplicate names will be ignored.