Contact Merge


BrightDoor Central now allows you to merge two contacts; including contact information, notes, activities, and product ownership from two separate contacts records into one contact record. For example, a common merge would be to combine one contact saved as a shortened name (i.e. Frank) to the other contact  saved under a full name (i.e. Franklin).


  • To begin, remember the ability to merge a contact is a user based permission, you must enable this for each user’s role group.
  • First, click the “Setup” tab in the upper right corner of the home page.

Step 1-1

  • Second, click on “Role Groups” under “User & Permissions”
  • From the Role Group Name list, choose which role group you want to allow permission to (in this case we chose “admin”)

Step 2

  • Select “Edit”

Step 4


  • From the permissions click the box so it is blue and checked for “CanMergeContacts” *Hint: If the “CanDeleteAnyContact” permission is selected for a role group then the “CanMergeContacts” we also be selected.



  • To begin the actual act of merging two contact records, proceed to the contacts tab at the top of the page and search for one of the contacts you want to be a part of the merge.

Step 5

  • Next, select the arrow to the right for the drop down options and select “Merge Contact”

Step 6

  • You will then see a window pop up that will allow you to search for the other contact that you want to merge the first contact with.



Step 7




  • After this step you will come to a screen with both contact records side by side. You will choose which one you want to be the “Master” this is the record that all the data from both records will stay in. You can then select which data you want from both records to stay by selecting or deselecting the blue bubbles next to each piece of data.

Step 8


  • You will then select “Done” at the bottom left hand corner of the page, and a screen will pop up to finalize your Contact Merge.

Step 9

  • Once you return to your contacts tab and search for the contacts, you will see one contact record gone and the new updated master contact record in your database.

Step 10


**Note: Any activities will automatically move over as well as product ownership.