Adding a New Contact Attribute

BrightDoor Central allows communities to create unique data fields, also called attributes, specific to the community needs.  For example, your community may wish to capture prospects’ anniversaries and birthdays.  Other examples include children’s names, club affiliations, mailing preferences, or other designations not included in BrightDoor standard fields.


  • To create a new Contact Attribute, click on the Setup button in the upper right of the home page.

Header arrow to Set Up

  • From the Contact menu, select “Attributes”.
  • In the Actions menu, you will see the “Add Contact Attribute” link. Click here to create a new custom contact field.






Below is the Contact Attribute creation page. Be sure to complete all required fields indicated by a red vertical bar.

  • The “Label” field is the text that will be visible on the contact form.
  • From the “Data Type” menu, you can choose the input format, such as a free text field or multi-select drop down menu.
  • If utilizing a predefined menu for the Contact Attribute, be sure to enter the selections in the “Value” field. All options should be separated by a semicolon – a space is not required.
  • If you have a custom attribute that you need filled in for all contacts, you can flag it as required.  When setting up the attribute, activate the flag by selecting the Required box.
  • By activating the “Include as Index” check box, this custom field will be recognized my our Contact Importer.