Configuring the DropBox Email Feature

Capturing email correspondence is a key component of keeping all relevant sales information in your CRM system. With the introduction of the BrightDoor Central Email Dropbox function, all users (regardless of email server type) can now sync prospect email back to BrightDoor Central without the hassles of copy/paste.  When you select an email address within BrightDoor Central, your DropBox email will automatically be included in the BCC.





  • To begin setting up your DropBox account, click on the “My Profile” link in the upper right corner of the home page.




  • Scroll down the “My Profile” page to the “Email DropBox” section.
  • Click the “Generate new DropBox Address” link to create your email address. This will be the email address that you will forward email communication to document.
  • Go to the bottom of the page to save and update your account.



Now that you have your own DropBox email address, it is recommended that you save the email address as a contact in your email provider (Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, etc.) Remembering a contact name is easier then remembering a long email address!

10-15-2013 3-59-50 PM


  • When composing new messages that you wish to include in the prospect’s BrightDoor Central record, just BCC your DropBox address and the message will be posted in the prospect’s BrightDoor Central record.
  • When you wish to forward a received email to BrightDoor Central, just use the “Forward Email” function and choose your personal DropBox email as the “To” address and send the email.

10-15-2013 3-58-29 PM


  •  To make this process even easier, you have the ability to click on an email address from BrightDoor Central and automatically have your DropBox email address added to the Bcc field. Note – Be sure to re-login after generating your DropBox email address to activate the auto-fill from BrightDoor Central to the Bcc field.




  • Check the prospect’s record to see the message contents. The messages will be posted in the “Contact Interactions” section of the record.


Please note that “Include Email Activity” must be checked for messages to be displayed.

Messages will be updated every 3-5 minutes.