Getting Started with Products

The BrightDoor Central Products Tab is designed to allow users quick access Products (also known as properties or inventory). From this screen, a user can easily filter, add new, and edit existing Products. Users may also view and filter specific attributes and ownership information.

Getting Started with BrightDoor Pitch

Showcase your residential offerings with Pitch from BrightDoor. Designed to provide users with real-time access to search and present their real estate products, BrightDoor Pitch is perfect for on the-go real estate professionals.       Search & Filtering Touching the magnifying glass button (top left) invokes the search menu. You Read more

Tips and Tricks: BrightDoor Pitch

Below are commonly asked questions about the BrightDoor Pitch application. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the BrightDoor Support Team!   Please confirm that your BrightDoor Central domain and your BrightDoor Central username and password are correct. If you still receive this error, contact your Read more

Registering New Leads through the Mobile Inventory App

Always losing business cards or forgetting contact information before you get back to the office? Use the registration tool offered through the BrightDoor Mobile Inventory App to create new contacts in BrightDoor Central right from your iPad. Watch this quick video to learn how to create new leads on-the-go. Then, download the Read more