Accessing the Vertical Response Master List

When in the Vertical Response portal in BrightDoor Central one can access and view the Master List of email addresses. This list is a compilation of all email addresses that you have ever been used for an eBlast. Also, you will see in your Account Snapshot on the List tab Read more

Uploading All Emails Addresses to Vertical Response

When creating a list of emails for an eBlast within BrightDoor Central, only the primary email address of each contact is sent. To send all email addresses within contact records, there is a small work around available.  It is important to note that an activity will not be recorded in Read more

Creating an Email Merge using Microsoft Outlook

To create an Email Merge from Microsoft Outlook, complete the following steps: Create a new e-mail message in Microsoft Word. Select the Mailings tab. In the “Start Mail Merge” section, click on the “Start Mail Merge” button. It will show a list of mail merge options available. Click on “E-Mail Messages”. Read more

Creating a Quick Email Template in Microsoft Outlook

Save Email Templates right from your Microsoft Outlook email provider. The Microsoft Office Outlook “Quick Parts” feature provides the option to create and build text blocks and other reusable pieces of content. You can access and reuse your saved selections at any time.   Select the content or email message part Read more

Creating an Email Template in Gmail

Save Email Templates right from your Google Gmail email provider. The “Canned Responses” feature provides the option to create and build text blocks and other reusable pieces of content. You can access and reuse your saved selections at any time.   Step 1 – Enable “Canned Responses” To enable message templates Read more

Using Mail Merge

The BrightDoor Central Mail Merge feature allows users to create personal, dynamic letters to be mailed to individual or groups of contacts in the database. Users can choose from Microsoft Word documents that have been used before or they may upload new ones. Each letter that is “merged” to a Read more

Getting Started with Reporting

The BrightDoor Central reporting engine allows users to generate reports based on any data that is stored within the system. BrightDoor Central populates each client’s system with Industry standard reports. In addition, clients may create custom reports to display client specific data. If you are interested in creating a custom Read more

Reporting Made Easy

It is imperative within every business to report on employee activity, efficiency, finances, and lead generation. We at BrightDoor want to ensure you are maximizing your company’s potential for growth and profits by understanding your organization’s data. To get you started, we have listed some of our favorite reports from Read more

Working with Email to Lead Registration Profiles

With our “Email To Lead” functionality, you have the option to send website registration emails (auto-generated when someone registers on your website) directly to BrightDoor Central, automatically creating a new contact. There are 3 basic steps in getting BrightDoor Central and your web site prepared to use this feature. Please Read more

Accessing BrightDoor Central Product Data

For 3rd party developers, BrightDoor Central offers a robust set of API methods for accessing content of various types (contacts, products, etc). One of the most common integrations involves the retrieval of BrightDoor Central product information for use in web sites and apps. Getting Started Prior to embarqing on establishing your service Read more