Adding a New Product Status

BrightDoor Central allows custom product statuses to reflect community inventory standards. Typical statuses include Available, Under Contract, Closed, Inventory, etc. BrightApps users may also customize the lot dot colors which appear in BrightShow. This is also the area to designate if a status should initiate a product history snapshot.   Read more

Managing the Product Media Library

The Media Library allows you to manage the images associated with your Product Inventory. Batch assign an image to multiple Product entries, upload an image to one Product entry, and update or delete existing media here.          

Using the Inventory Share Page

What is the Inventory Page? The Inventory page is an automatically generated public web page that includes all media files and details of the inventory in your database. No programming is required; all content and product information is automatically updated Mobile-friendly interface and media gallery Google Maps integration is displayed Read more

Tips & Tricks: Taking High-Quality Photos

The “Digital Experience” is producing a more educated home-buyer. Prospects now turn to the world wide web first when beginning their search for a new home.  90% Walked through a home that they viewed online 76% Drove by and viewed a home they found on the internet 62% Gathered information Read more

How to Import Products

The Product Import tool feature is permission based and can be found on the main Products page. The Product Import tool will allow you to batch update or add new records. Note – Do not import more than 5,000 entries at one time and always wait for an import to Read more

Using Mail Merge to Create a Sales Contract

The Mail Merge tool in BrightDoor Central is not only used for direct mailing campaigns, but also auto-populating Buyer and Listing information from BrightDoor Central to a Purchase Contract template. Step1: Create the Purchase Contract template in Microsoft Word and BrightDoor Central Within the Contract template, you will need to Read more

Adding a New Owner to a Property Resell

When a property is placed on the market and sold to a new owner, BrightDoor Central can capture the history of ownership, including the information displayed below:   To capture a “history snapshot”, complete the following steps. First, click on the Product Button from the Navigation Tool Bar and then Read more