Creating and Managing Maps in Map Designer

The Map Designer tool in BrightDoor Central enables you to quickly create and publish Google maps for digital marketing.  The custom Google map can be embedded within a public website or shared via email and social media with your prospective buyers. It’s functionality includes a live product feed, map filtering, Read more

Creating a New Landing Page

Landing Pages are used for Lead Generation, Click Throughs, and On-Page Action. BrightDoor Central allows you to create as many Landing Pages as you need to share valuable information and keep your pipeline filled for your sales team. To learn more about Landing Pages, take a look at our Blog Read more

Managing Landing Pages

Now that you have created a Landing Page and are receiving new leads into BrightDoor Central CRM, you will need to ensure that you are continually managing and updating the page content and its information. If you would like to learn how to create a Landing Page, click here.   Read more

Adding a New Activity Type

Activity Types document interactions between a sales executive and a contact such as phone calls, appointments, or general follow up. Activities can be broken into categories and subcategories; also called Parent and Children. Parent Activity Types are general categories such as Phone Call or Email. Children Activity Types indicate specific activities related Read more

Streamline Communication through Action Plans

  Let BrightDoor show you how to streamline customer communication by creating Action Plans in BrightDoor Central. Action Plans allow you to set the standard for your company and increase efficiency within the Sales Team. Creating Action Plans Getting Started with Activities Getting Started with Contacts  

Adding a New Action Plan

Action Plans can automatically create scheduled activities for easy reminders to contact prospects. Creating Action Plans is a role based permission and is associated with the Setup area. Action Plans are generated based off a contact changing Type and/or Status within BrightDoor Central.   To get started, go to “Setup” Read more

Using Advanced Search with Products

Advanced Search gives you the power to create finely segmented contact filters and lists for your sales and marketing efforts. It’s an easy-to-use, visual search builder that makes complex queries simple to execute.  You can use expanded search criteria options such as ‘equals’, ‘does not equal’, ‘between’, or ‘contains’ (ex. Read more

Adding a New Product Type

BrightDoor Central allows communities to create custom Product Types. Examples of common Product Types include: Company Home Site, Company Structure, Resale Home Site, or Resale Structure. BrightApps users may designate a print template for each Product Type.    To create a new Product Type, click on the Setup link in Read more

Adding a New Product Attribute

BrightDoor Central allows communities to collect data tailored to community inventory.  Use product attributes to create new fields for this data; including data such as specific views, memberships, floor plans, etc. Adding a new attribute is quick and will add flexibility to inventory data.  First, click on the Setup link Read more