Synchronizing Email Communication to BrightBase

  Let your Support Team show you how to improve your communication efficiency by recording email communication to the contact record in BrightDoor Central. For more helpful tips and tricks on email synchronization, check out the articles below: Getting Started with BrightSync Configuring the DropBox Email Feature Changing Email Synchronization for Read more

Getting Started with BrightSync

BrightSync provides the capability to synchronize specific BrightDoor Central information (contacts, email, tour appointments) with your company’s Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013 server. This allows you to retrieve and submit information from Exchange-Enabled Desktop Applications, such as Microsoft Outlook (PC) and Entourage (Mac), via a web browser (Microsoft Web Outlook) as well Read more

Registering New Customers through BrightLead

When collecting contact information from walk-in or event-going prospects, avoid the pad of paper and pen. Every BrightDoor Central application has access to their own electronic registration form. Find your BrightLead form here: https://<customername> Our most successful users have their customers access the BrightLead form via an iPad or tablet. Read more

Using the BrightLead Registration Form

Learn how to capture prospect information through an online registration form. The BrightLead form can be accessed through a tablet or computer. When your customer clicks “Submit” their data goes directly into BrightDoor Central. No data entry needed! Watch this quick video to learn how to create new leads through BrightLead. Note: Read more

Using Advanced Search with Contacts

Advanced Search gives you the power to create finely segmented contact filters and lists for your sales and marketing efforts. It’s an easy-to-use, visual search builder that makes complex queries simple to execute.  You can use expanded search criteria options such as ‘equals’, ‘does not equal’, ‘between’, or ‘contains’ (ex. Read more

Adding Contacts to a New List

BrightDoor Central allows users to create lists of contacts. Lists are different than Filters in that they are static and may contain any contact of your choosing. Examples of list types include holiday lists, previous owners, birthday lists. Prospects may be added or removed from lists at any time.   Read more

Using Bulk Operations

Users can update multiple contacts in BrightDoor Central at one time using the Bulk Operations Tool. This tool allows you to update items such as primary and secondary agents, contact type and status, lead source, first communication method and optional attributes. Your first step to edit contact properties using the Read more

How to Successfully Import to BrightDoor Central

Part One – Cleaning up the Spreadsheet   Part Two – Importing the Spreadsheet   The Contact Import tool will help you add and batch update contacts in BrightDoor Central quickly and easily.  Messy data can be a hindrance when trying to import. The BrightDoor AM Team would like to Read more

How to Import Contacts

The Contact Import tool feature is permission based and can be found on the main Contacts page. The Contact Import tool will allow you to batch update or add new records. Note – Do not import more than 8,000 entries at one time and always wait for an import to Read more

Exporting Contacts with Advanced Search

Based on individual permissions, users are allowed to export contacts.  The contact exporter will include any results in the last performed search and also allows users to select the columns to include in your export. To get started, open the Contacts Tab and enter desired filters. If you need to Read more