Getting Started with Activities

The BrightDoor Central Activities Tab is designed to allow Users to quickly view and complete their daily ‘to-do’ list. This section is designed so that the BrightDoor Central sales user doesn’t even have to leave the page. Users may complete activities, change contact statuses, and schedule additional activities.    

Getting Started with Tours

Tours allow users to quickly search for a specific tour, view upcoming tours, and schedule new tours. To access the Tours tab, simply click on Tours on the main navigation menu. On this page, you can create, search, and modify tour appointments. You will also be able to access a Read more

Managing Tour Showings in BrightDoor Central

Learn how to Create and Complete Tour Showings in BrightDoor Central. This feature allows you to record and document your client’s personal comments and opinions about the property, so you always know exactly what they want.     For a step-by-step guide on creating Tour Showings, click here.  

Role Training – Sales Agent

A quick tour of BrightDoor Central from the role of the Sales Agent. Within this 15 minute video, we will show new users how to use the basics – Contact Management, Activity Documentation, and Searching Product Inventory.   Feel free to check out these other resources our new users find Read more

CRM: Tips and Tricks for the Sales Executive

Learn how to become more efficient in the workplace by leveraging the technology integrated in the BrightDoor Central CRM application.   Tip #1 DropBox Configuration Capturing email correspondence is a key component in keeping all relevant sales information in your CRM system. The BrightDoor Central Email Dropbox function (regardless of Read more

Synchronizing Email Communication to BrightBase

  Let your Support Team show you how to improve your communication efficiency by recording email communication to the contact record in BrightDoor Central. For more helpful tips and tricks on email synchronization, check out the articles below: Getting Started with BrightSync Configuring the DropBox Email Feature Changing Email Synchronization for Read more

Adding a New Activity Type

Activity Types document interactions between a sales executive and a contact such as phone calls, appointments, or general follow up. Activities can be broken into categories and subcategories; also called Parent and Children. Parent Activity Types are general categories such as Phone Call or Email. Children Activity Types indicate specific activities related Read more

Streamline Communication through Action Plans

  Let BrightDoor show you how to streamline customer communication by creating Action Plans in BrightDoor Central. Action Plans allow you to set the standard for your company and increase efficiency within the Sales Team. Creating Action Plans Getting Started with Activities Getting Started with Contacts  

Adding a New Action Plan

Action Plans can automatically create scheduled activities for easy reminders to contact prospects. Creating Action Plans is a role based permission and is associated with the Setup area. Action Plans are generated based off a contact changing Type and/or Status within BrightDoor Central.   To get started, go to “Setup” Read more

Configuring the DropBox Email Feature

Capturing email correspondence is a key component of keeping all relevant sales information in your CRM system. With the introduction of the BrightDoor Central Email Dropbox function, all users (regardless of email server type) can now sync prospect email back to BrightDoor Central without the hassles of copy/paste.  When you Read more