Contact Merge

  BrightDoor Central now allows you to merge two contacts; including contact information, notes, activities, and product ownership from two separate contacts records into one contact record. For example, a common merge would be to combine one contact saved as a shortened name (i.e. Frank) to the other contact  saved Read more

Managing Role Groups

BrightDoor Central allows administrators to designate access for users within the organization based on their role. For example, a sales manager might have access to all prospects where a sales executive has access to only his/her prospects.  BrightDoor Central has industry standard roles; however, administrators may create roles specific to your Read more

Managing BrightDoor Central Users

The Users section allows you to add new users to your system, reset a password, change someone’s role group, or deactivate an existing user. To access this section, first select Setup in the upper right corner, then BrightDoor Central Users.     Search for a user by using the search Read more