Adding a New Activity Type

Activity Types document interactions between a sales executive and a contact such as phone calls, appointments, or general follow up. Activities can be broken into categories and subcategories; also called Parent and Children. Parent Activity Types are general categories such as Phone Call or Email. Children Activity Types indicate specific activities related Read more

Adding a New Action Plan

Action Plans can automatically create scheduled activities for easy reminders to contact prospects. Creating Action Plans is a role based permission and is associated with the Setup area. Action Plans are generated based off a contact changing Type and/or Status within BrightDoor Central.   To get started, go to “Setup” Read more

Adding a New Company Logo

Has your company logo recently changed?  If you have administrative privileges, you can add or edit the existing logo located in the upper right corner of your screen.   First, go to the Setup link by selecting the link in the upper right corner.   Next, select the “Company Info” Read more

Working with Email to Lead Registration Profiles

With our “Email To Lead” functionality, you have the option to send website registration emails (auto-generated when someone registers on your website) directly to BrightDoor Central, automatically creating a new contact. There are 3 basic steps in getting BrightDoor Central and your web site prepared to use this feature. Please Read more