Managing BrightDoor Central Users

The Users section allows you to add new users to your system, reset a password, change someone’s role group, or deactivate an existing user.

  • To access this section, first select Setup in the upper right corner, then BrightDoor Central Users.





  • Search for a user by using the search bar located at the top of the screen. If a user has been deactivated, you may find the user by using the Active filter (found under the search bar) set to False.
  • BrightDoor Central users can also be filtered based on either Name or Role Group by selecting the column header.






  • To add a new user to the system, select Create User under User Actions.


Below is an example of the page you would fill out to create a new user.

  • First, enter the name and contact information for the user.
  • If this user can be assigned as the Sales Agent of a contact, activate the check box for “Can be an Agent of Record”.
  • To enable this user to view activities and contacts for other users, select the users that they have access in the “Relationships” field. This is useful for Sales Managers and Sales Assistants.
  • Upon creating a new user, the Administrator must create a password for them. The user will be able to change this as needed once they have logged in.
  • The “Email Signature” field is for the message feature used in the Buyer Portal. This will not be applicable to all accounts and can be setup by the individual user as well.
  • Editing an existing user will open a similar screen. Any field can be edited.






  • If a user leaves the company, you may select Disable this User, found under User Actions.
  • BrightDoor also recommends, for security purposes, their username and password are changed immediately and their role is changed to View Only (remember to check the settings in the View Only Role).






  • To reset a user’s password, enter in a new password in the Security section of the user’s account page. The user will be able to change this password once they have logged in.