How to Import Products

The Product Import tool feature is permission based and can be found on the main Products page. The Product Import tool will allow you to batch update or add new records. Note – Do not import more than 5,000 entries at one time and always wait for an import to Read more

Using Mail Merge to Create a Sales Contract

The Mail Merge tool in BrightDoor Central is not only used for direct mailing campaigns, but also auto-populating Buyer and Listing information from BrightDoor Central to a Purchase Contract template. Step1: Create the Purchase Contract template in Microsoft Word and BrightDoor Central Within the Contract template, you will need to Read more

Adding a New Owner to a Property Resell

When a property is placed on the market and sold to a new owner, BrightDoor Central can capture the history of ownership, including the information displayed below:   To capture a “history snapshot”, complete the following steps. First, click on the Product Button from the Navigation Tool Bar and then Read more

Using the Home Page

The BrightDoor Central home page is the first screen users see once logged in. This screen allows users to quickly access key features in BrightDoor Central CRM. Main Navigation The main navigation allows users to promptly move between different sections within BrightDoor Central CRM. This provides a quick way to Read more

Adding a New Company Logo

Has your company logo recently changed?  If you have administrative privileges, you can add or edit the existing logo located in the upper right corner of your screen.   First, go to the Setup link by selecting the link in the upper right corner.   Next, select the “Company Info” Read more

Configuring the DropBox Email Feature

Capturing email correspondence is a key component of keeping all relevant sales information in your CRM system. With the introduction of the BrightDoor Central Email Dropbox function, all users (regardless of email server type) can now sync prospect email back to BrightDoor Central without the hassles of copy/paste.  When you Read more