Complete your MailChimp Integration

Once you have signed into your MailChimp account through BrightDoor Central, you will need to setup rules to determine which contacts from BrightDoor Central will sync to MailChimp. STEP 1: SETUP CONTACT RULES First, select the “New Rule +” button under the Contact Rules section. When setting up a new Read more

Introduction to Mobile

BrightDoor CEO Michael Worthington provides a 10 minute preview of key features available in the BrightDoor Mobile app (showcasing Babcock Ranch).

Kiosk: Master Planned Community Demonstration

BrightDoor provides a brief, real-world demonstration of BrightDoor Kiosk using The Greenbrier Sporting Club. This overview showcases how Master Planned Communities (MPCs) can leverage Kiosk for sales presentation and product selection.  

Introduction to Kiosk

BrightDoor CEO Michael Worthington provides a brief overview of BrightDoor Kiosk, the company’s interactive touch app for on-property real estate marketing.  

Track Property Showings

Stay organized and manage your upcoming and completed tours through the Activity Manager. STEP 1: SELECT TOUR SHOWING When creating or editing an activity, select an Activity Type of “Tour” or “Appointment”. After doing so, you should see the Tour Showings – New Product + button should appear. Select the Read more