Scheduling Reports

The BrightDoor Central reporting engine allows users to generate reports based on any data that is stored within the system. You are also able to schedule and auto-run reports on a one-time or recurring basis. A scheduled report will be emailed to those that you add to your notification list Read more

Logging into BrightDoor Central

BrightDoor Central is a web based software application that may be accessed from any computer; anywhere as long as you have internet access. To log into your BrightDoor Central account, visit your unique URL. Hint, your URL will be something like: Your username is your entire email address (example: and Read more

Managing Role Groups

BrightDoor Central allows administrators to designate access for users within the organization based on their role. For example, a sales manager might have access to all prospects where a sales executive has access to only his/her prospects.  BrightDoor Central has industry standard roles; however, administrators may create roles specific to your Read more

Managing BrightDoor Central Users

The Users section allows you to add new users to your system, reset a password, change someone’s role group, or deactivate an existing user. To access this section, first select Setup in the upper right corner, then BrightDoor Central Users.     Search for a user by using the search Read more

Managing the Home Page Dashboard

Widgets provide real time data for information such as prospect activity, quick look at prospect status in sales funnel, snapshot of potential revenue by product type, most popular pages on the mobile app, upcoming tours, and more. For a step-by-step guide on managing your home page dashboard, click here.  

Getting Started with My Profile

The My Profiles area is where the user configures settings for many aspects of BrightDoor Central, including eBlast campaign account information, BrightSync for Microsoft Exchange settings and much more. Each BrightDoor Central user has a unique profile. Users are allowed to change passwords, update an email address, configure BrightDoor Central preferences, activate Read more

Getting Started with Contacts

The Contact Dashboard page allows users to quickly view a contact record, access and complete activities, and perform quick actions with a few simple clicks.      

Contact Advanced Search – Tips & Tricks

Let’s take a look at FIVE contact advanced searches in BrightDoor Central that will show you how to target your leads, clean up your database, and see the ROI on the marketing dollars you spend.   For more information on using the Advanced Search tool, click here.

Getting Started with Activities

The BrightDoor Central Activities Tab is designed to allow Users to quickly view and complete their daily ‘to-do’ list. This section is designed so that the BrightDoor Central sales user doesn’t even have to leave the page. Users may complete activities, change contact statuses, and schedule additional activities.    

Getting Started with Products

The BrightDoor Central Products Tab is designed to allow users quick access Products (also known as properties or inventory). From this screen, a user can easily filter, add new, and edit existing Products. Users may also view and filter specific attributes and ownership information.