Complete your MailChimp Integration

Once you have signed into your MailChimp account through BrightDoor Central, you will need to setup rules to determine which contacts from BrightDoor Central will sync to MailChimp. First, select the “New Rule +” button under the Contact Rules section. When setting up a new rule, you will need to Read more

Track Property Showings

Stay organized and manage your upcoming and completed tours through the Activity Manager. When creating or editing an activity, select an Activity Type of “Tour” or “Appointment”. After doing so, you should see the Tour Showings – New Product + button should appear. Select the “New Product +” button. Search Read more

Setup your BrightSync Account

BrightSync provides the capability to synchronize specific BrightDoor Central information (contacts, email, tour appointments) with your company’s Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013 server. This allows you to retrieve and submit information from Exchange-Enabled Desktop Applications, such as Microsoft Outlook (PC) and Entourage (Mac), via a web browser (Microsoft Web Outlook) as well Read more

Web Services API Developer Guide

The BrightDoor Central Web Services API is a SOAP-compliant interface into the BrightDoor Central CRM repository allowing you to use any of several popular programming languages. This document provides a basic overview of the web service methods most likely to be utilized by developers wishing to connect their applications to the BrightDoor Central CRM platform.   Click Read more