Adding a New Contact Preference

For quicker data entry, BrightDoor Central allows communities to create categorized preferences as check boxes within a contact record. The preferences also appear in the Advanced Search options. For example, you may wish to categorize available views or the type of product someone wishes to buy.


  • First, click on the Setup link in the upper right corner of the home page.

Header arrow to Set Up


  • To create a new preference, from the setup menu select “Preferences” in the Contacts menu.
  • Choose “Add Preference” under Preference Actions.





  • Enter the Preference category.
  • If it is a new Category, simply type the new category name.
  • If the Preference should go in an existing category, type the category exactly as it appears in the contact form.
  • Enter both the Name and Label as the title that should appear in the Contact Form, then check the “Active” box and select Save.



Here is an example of how a new Preference looks in the interface.